Pregnancy Fitness & Nutrition

Staying active & maintaining a healthy diet are very important during pregnancy. I did a good job of working out during my pregnancy, but I definitely over indulged in the food department. I thought that having some specific nutritional & fitness advice prevalent to each trimester might be a big help to some of you mommas out there. You can follow also along on my pregnancy journey from the beginning starting here.
 As always you should consult with your doctor before starting any exercise or nutrition plan especially while pregnant. The following is all from my own personal research & things that I found useful for me during my pregnancy.
The following graphics will have a link below them to the original blog post that explains everything in more detail & gives other fitness & nutrition tips. They will also have links to photo sources for the images I used to demonstrate the exercises. All workouts were created by me. If you would like more workouts, snacks or meals please let me know & I will be happy to continue to update with additional information.

{First Trimester}

{Second Trimester}

Go see the video break down on the original post about this workout here.

{Third Trimester}


One. Two. Four. Five. Seven. Eight.


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