Jack - One Month

Friday, July 24, 2015

(Photo is blurry because it is added from my phone, as soon as I can get to my computer will update with the clear image.)

Age - One month 

Stats - Height 22 inches // 72nd percentile / Weight 10.2 pounds // 51st percentile 

Diaper Size/Clothing Size - We started using cloth at 4 weeks, and he started blowing out of newborn disposables at about 3 weeks. We now have a small package of size one disposables on hand. He grew out of NB clothes at about 3 weeks as well & is sitting right at 0-3 and some three months sleepers etc. since his cloth diaper booty makes things fit just a little more snug, but I always tend to buy bigger with my babies since they grow out of things so fast. 

Feeding- We nurse on demand, every 2 hours or less. He also comfort nurses & we are trying to get him to take a paci when needed & plan to try a bottle of pumped breastmilk this week. I will share my nursing journey with Jack, here. For now you can read my more complicated nursing journey with Kirby here. 

Sleeping - Sleeping more than two hours at a time isn't really his thing at the moment. He co-sleeps with us currently & will make the slow transition to his pack and play or bassinet or rock and play (whichever he prefers) at around 12 weeks like his sister did. 

Favorite Words/Sounds - Uhm, does crying count? He actually made an accidental coo just last night (6/23) and looked at me like, what was that mom? He smiles often now too, he doesn't look at us or make eye contact, but he is doing it to the sounds of our voices now, not just during his sleep. And I caught this gem of a video when he was just three days old! (Will insert video here, whenever I get a chance to put Jack down long enough to blog more than just from my phone)

Favorite Toys- Not there yet, he is just now staying awake for more than 5 minutes at a time. And by more than 5 minutes at a time I mean 10 minutes of awake time. He is a sleepy guy! 

Loves- He loves his people, he recognizes of course my voice and scent, but he knows Kirby's & Brian's as well. He will calm right down when his daddy rocks him a special way & loves when his sissy talks to him while I am changing him, it really keeps him calm during diaper changes, I am always asking Kirby to talk to him when I need a second to do something. He loves taking baths with me as well, if he is being especially fussy I just run the bath and relax with him in it and he chills right out (this is usually during his evening hours when Kirby is asleep or sometimes during her nap & we have all three taken a bath once haha). He definitely feels most at home in the water. And do I even need to mention boobies? He loves boobies. 

Not so much- Not a fan of being put down...ever. Besides in his swing (he loves his swing) and he is actually pretty good about sleeping in his car seat when we are on the go. Thank goodness because his sissy couldn't stand hers. 

Nicknames - I am sure he will get some funny ones later on, but for now he is baby Jack, big boy & bubba. 

Signature moves- Let's just say the boy is a great pooper. More than once he has projectile pooped into my lap (while I was changing his diaper) and he loves to poop multiple times during a diaper change & occasionally pee all over me and his own face (true story). 

Milestones- He has amazing head control, his sister definitely didn't have as much head control as he does this young, so it really surprises us. He smiles at the sounds of our voices & he made an accidental coo last night (6/23/15).

Adventures - Really no big destinations this month, grocery store, Kirby's gymnastics & tagging along on play dates & out to dinner twice is as far as he has gone. 

Everyone told me that my heart would grow, that it would love this baby boy just as much as my girl. But my heart was so full of love for my sweetest side kick and best friend that I couldn't imagine loving another soul as much as I love her. How could I? No one knows me like she does, no one spends every second of every day with me & loves me unconditionally. No one could possibly take that place. I cried on the way to the hospital (Jack's birth was a surprise early birth at 37 weeks, will be posting my birth story here soon) how could this be my last day with my girl? This would be the last day of just her & I, but I wasn't ready, it wasn't supposed to be today, I needed one more day to spend and hold and savor every sweet ounce of my girl, just me & her. Then he was born, they placed him into my arms & he awakened a piece of my spirit that I never knew existed. My heart split wide open and I fell in love with this little boy just the way I did my girl. In this life we have soul mates that's for sure, and God has engraved three perfect soul mates so deep into my heart and soul they could never be removed. I never knew I could love so much, and I never knew happiness like this could be so beautiful & painful in the same moment. It's true, love does not divide it only grows. 


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