30 Weeks of Baby Jack

Saturday, May 2, 2015

How far along? - 30 weeks! I have been waiting for this marker to arrive! We are in the home stretch! 
Gender - Boy!
Weight Gain - 33lbs, I am off and on with consistent working out. Some weeks I do really well and others not so much. Twenty minutes on the Stairmaster in the evenings has been my favorite exercise lately. 
Maternity Clothes - This shouldn't even be a question anymore. Trying to avoid buying anything else until after Jack, so just repeating a lot of the same things for now. 
Sleep- Still the same really, just waking up to use the restroom throughout the night and having trouble falling asleep. 
Best moment - Other than passing my glucose test, we have made some nursery progress and I am in love! I will be posting a tutorial on how I did the wall very soon, its been in my drafts half completed for a while now! But I still have quite a bit of small details before we do the full reveal. Here is where we are at so far! 

Worst moment - Hmm, these are always hard for me. I try and cherish everything right now. I would say other than the general overwhelming feeling of getting everything ready in the next 6 weeks things have been great. In case I develop cholestasis again I need to be ready to deliver at 36 weeks, it's sort of a surprise thing. I didn't show signs until 34 weeks with Kirby and then I was told I was having her 2 weeks later when I thought I still had 6 weeks to prepare, so I just want to be ready this time. 
Miss anything? - I really miss running and my intense workouts. I remember feeling this way towards the end of my pregnancy with Kirby as well. I started 10lbs heavier than I was with Kirby this pregnancy, so I have already racked up 40+ pounds I need to loose. I am definitely ready to get my body back, summer time always makes you more aware of those extra pounds. 
Movement - He still moves constantly, even though my placenta is anterior I have now been able to distinguish certain body parts when they are on the sides, i.e his feet in my ribs constantly! He also does this funny thing where it feels like he is tickling me or something, I will be curious to see what exactly it is that he is doing when he gets here. 
Cravings - I have been all about the fruit lately. Strawberries, pineapple, watermelon and apples have been filling up our fridge this month. 
Looking forward to - My big girl turns 3 in the next few weeks and I am looking forward to her party and giving her her special gift that we ordered yesterday! I will share more about her party plans and gifts in another post, she is so excited about it! 

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