Easter 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

This was my first year hosting Easter at our house, well hosting any family holiday since we moved into our house a year ago really. It was very busy, but really nice not having to travel anywhere, however I truly couldn't have done it without my mom's help.

I didn't go overkill on the decorating this year, kept it very simple and did a neutral Easter mantel to brighten up the living room. Having a decorated mantel makes me smile and it's not too overwhelming at the same time. I typically save my all out decorating for Halloween and Christmas.

The Monday of Easter week we went with our really good friends to see the Easter Bunny and a picnic lunch! I was curious to see if she was going to like him or not. She loved the Easter Bunny the past two years she has been, and loved Santa that first two years that we went. But when we went to see Santa this past Christmas she was not having it at all. I thought it might be the same result for the Easter Bunny this year, but I was pleasantly surprised that she absolutely loved him. I guess sitting on a big stuffed bunny is a lot less creepy than a hairy old man.

The night before Easter we decorated eggs with Mimi and got started on some Easter baking. We went for a simple look and bright colors for the eggs this year. My mom and I got some masking tape and taped off the stripes on all of the eggs while Kirby did a little foam egg sticker Easter craft. We were so glad we snagged that little kit at Target since the eggs took longer than we expected to tape off and it worked out perfectly to keep her busy.

Once the eggs were taped off and the dye was ready (we made our dye with food coloring, vinegar and water) it was time to dip the eggs. The part Kirby had been waiting for all day, and she would have done it the rest of the evening if we would have let her.

She was so careful dying her eggs and did a great job all on her own, once she convinced me that she could do it by herself. They turned out really neat and unique without it being too involved for a two year old. I think I will definitely continue with the taping off designs and solid colors while the kids are little. Clean up was a breeze as well!

Our Easter baking didn't go as smoothly. My mom and I made a Peeps cake for dessert, and lets just say we had to bake two cakes. Attempt number one was an over moist sticky cake disaster and the picture makes it look better than it was. There was zero chance the sticky marshmallow cream icing that we made was going on there smoothly.

Cake number two turned out much better and though the marshmallow cream icing was super sticky and hard to spread smoothly I think the cake turned out pretty cute! I totally forgot to snap a picture of it on the set table in better lighting so this is the best I got.

Then the Easter bunny came and set up Kirby's basket and filled all of her eggs with some healthy treats and surprises! Just because it's a holiday doesn't mean that you have to load your toddlers/kids up on candy. Because the thing about Easter is (at least at our house) we check out our baskets, empty them out and then go outside to hunt eggs first thing in the morning. And what do they do when they come back inside? Open up all the eggs and eat everything inside them, in other words candy for breakfast. And believe it or not she was super excited to find all of her favorite treats inside the eggs, it made no difference to her, and made it easier for me to stay out of her eggs. Because lord knows I would have been all up in that candy had there been any in there, and that's the last thing I need.

 Easter Bunny was on point with her Dora Mermaid and all of the sweet surprises in her basket definitely made her morning. She saw this Dora mermaid on a commercial and has been telling me that daddy was going to get it for her all week, and of course Brian had no idea what she was talking about, little sneak.

Then we made our way out back to see what else the Easter Bunny left behind. Let me tell you this little girl was laughing and screaming the entire time she was hunting the eggs. I think the holidays get more and more fun each year as they are able to enjoy them even more than the last. Brian and I looked at each other and thought, next year we will be doing this with an almost one year old and almost four year old. How exciting is that?! I can hardly wait, but for now I enjoy these moments with our girl and my heart is just so full. Holidays are magical, and it may seem unnecessary or obnoxious to go all out when they are so young and probably wont remember, but let me tell you in the moment there is nothing more magical than seeing your child's eyes light up on a holiday morning, my heart could explode.

We went back inside and went through all of the treats and surprises inside her eggs and I made Easter breakfast. Homemade organic pancakes with organic strawberries and bananas topped with organic pure maple syrup were on the menu. In the shape of a bunny of course!

 Then it was time to get going on Easter lunch, my mom came over at 10am and we got everything finished and on the table by 1:30pm. Everything was so delicious and the best part in my eyes, besides the leftovers? The only thing on the menu that was non-organic was the ham (which I had one slice of and Kirby doesn't eat meat anyways, by her own preference) and the rolls! Oh and there were deviled eggs, I totally forgot to write them on my board, we made them 100% organic as well. I am completely in love with this old sandwich board that I thrifted with my mom a few months ago. I am going to start adding our dinner menus to it each week. Hopefully I can get my shit together and start posting those again. I promise I will soon, blame it on the pregnancy.

The table setting was my favorite part of the whole decor. My mom had all of these mis-matched vintage china plates, napkins and bud vases that just couldn't have come together more perfectly with a few fresh flowers for an Easter table setting. I wish I could keep my table set like this all year-round!

 Then we finished off our day with some confetti egg smashing and a late nap. I am disappointed that I completely forgot to get a family picture of us, but I think overall Easter was a success and some wonderful memories were made as our last Easter as a family of 3 and a half!

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