26 Weeks of Baby Jack

Sunday, April 5, 2015

How far along - 26 weeks 
Gender - Boy! 
Weight Gain - 28lbs, I will know the definite weight at my 28 week appointment, I am seriously hoping I can maintain this weight for at least a few weeks. 
Maternity Clothes- I purchased a pair of nice dark jean shorts from motherhood this past week, and they are amazingly comfortable. I don't plan to purchase really any more maternity and will just alternate between those shorts with my maternity tops and dresses for the remainder of my pregnancy. I would rather spend money on some clothes postpartum than shell out any more on maternity. 

Sleep - I have definitely been struggling with some fatigue lately and I am thinking it has to do with my diet. I must admit the sweets have been a little too frequent lately. During the first half of my pregnancy I did so well with weight gain, and I attribute that to not eating as many sweets. Lately I have increased my sugar intake and I can definitely feel its effects on my energy levels. I plan to get that in check this week in hopes to improve sleep and maintain my weight as well, people don't realize how much sugar has that effect on your body.
Best moment this week - I would definitely have to say Easter. It has been so much fun this year, and I can't wait to share more details in a later post. 
Worst moment this week- I would have to say I have been feeling overwhelmed lately with my ever growing to-do lists. I took on working for a family friend during the hours of Kirby's Mother's Day Out & it has left me with zero extra time. I am just planning on May being crunch time to get his nursery finished and the house fully organized. Spring cleaning is no joke, and it definitely has me overwhelmed. Brian is a clean freak haha, so our house is well maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, however I found this list of all this detailed deep cleaning that needs to be done and it's a lot more involved than I thought! 
Miss anything- My body, I must say that the weight gain has bothered me a little more than usual lately. I have started watching my calories and sticking to my workouts (getting on the Stairmaster at least 3 times per week & 2-3 workouts with Brian), and that has definitely helped. But I was so convinced I would be able to maintain just a pound a week this pregnancy instead 1.5-2 that it just has me a little bummed. I know some women's bodies just gain more during pregnancy, and I know I will have no problems losing it. But you still can't help yourself from cringing a little bit when every time you hop on the scale it's more than it was the last time. 
Movement - Little man is still grooving in there on the reg. 
Cravings- For some reason sweets have been on my mind lately, just in time for my glucose test in 2 weeks, great. I am going to cut them this week and see how I feel & if it helps out my energy levels.
Looking forward to - The third trimester right around the corner!! And actually making some progress on the nursery and getting my list of still needed items together, which shouldn't be long since we saved everything from Kirby.  

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