24 Weeks of Baby Jack

Friday, March 20, 2015

How far along - 24 weeks
Gender - Boy!
Weight gain - 26 pounds!!! I am trying not to stress, but I must admit that it disappoints me a little because I really did want to stay at a pound a week and only gain 40 with Jack instead of 50 like I did with Kirby. I decided to download the MyFitnessPal app back onto my phone and track what I am eating, and it has helped me to cut down on the high carb meals. Overall my diet has been very good and organic, however my carb intake is definitely higher than I would like it to be.
Maternity Clothes - Still wearing all of the ones I had with Kirby and the few that I recently bought from a mom friend. However, I tried on all of my non-maternity maxis this week and was pleasantly surprised you can't actually tell my ass is halfway down my legs at this point. I was sure the tightness of the dresses would not be flattering, but I love the way they fit & will be living in them until it gets unbearably hot!
Sleep - Still the same, just waking up to pee in the night. However, we did get a new bedroom set this week that my mom and I are finishing up with some spot painting this weekend (we chalk painted the wood white & it's gorgeous) and the new mattress is AMAZING, pillow top heaven with a pillow top mattress cover over that! I am in love, can't wait to share pictures when it's all finished.
Best moment this week- We had our 24 week appointment and everything is going great with baby Jack, his heart rate is in the 120's which seemed crazy to me, but my doctor said totally fine and said that oddly boys usually get low like that. I got my glucose drink to store in the fridge and drink 1 hour before my 28 weeks appointment and filled out my pre-registration hospital papers! What in the what? It's really getting that close already?! I need to get moving on this boys nursery I have made zero progress, I am such a procrastinator.
Worst moment this week- If you follow me on Facebook then you probably already saw my post about Kirby's incident. So instead of re-typing everything out here I am going just share what I wrote in my post. It's a little emotional for me and I prefer not to rehash it out in my head so I'll just share what has already been written.
I am not saying this light heartedly when I say that God was watching over our little Kirby Sue tonight. Brian and I hands down experienced the most terrifying moment of our lives to date. I want to share this with you because I want to put it in the forefront of people's mind how serious and common this situation is and how as parents we should be very prepared for something like this to happen. 

We took Kirby to the store to pick out some candy (versus the organic fruit snacks that she is sick of) as motivators for her potty training since she has been having a set back this week. I realized I forgot something at the store so I ran back out while Brian and Kirby stayed home. When I walked back in both Brian and Kirby were crying. She had chosen Sour Patch Kids Watermelon candies and had completely gotten one stuck in her throat. Not just beat her on the back and it comes out, she turned blue and Brian had to perform the full heimleich maneuver 4 times for it to finally come out. 

All I can think of is thank God that Brian was there. What would I have done? Could I have saved her? Would I have known how to do it right? Because of Brian's fitness training background he has taken 4-5 CPR classes in his life and performed the heimleich before. But nothing like doing it 4 times on your own child to save their life. We are both VERY shaken up and as is Kirby. I can't imagine the images Brian keeps replaying over and over in his head. We cried together and prayed and thanked God that he put his arms around Brian's tonight when he saved her life. 

So please everyone be prepared for it, don't take it for granted and get educated on how to handle the situation. I will be signing up for a CPR class and anyone is welcome to join. Or if you know of one/a good place to sign up please do share! The most precious thing in our lives was at the tip of our fingers tonight and I just thank God Brian knew what to do. I love that baby more than life itself and I never want anyone to be put in that situation at all, let alone unprepared. Hold your babies extra tight y'all and love them hard.
Miss anything - The belly has definitely started to make its way out farther and farther and things like trying to sit up from laying down, or leaning over to wash Kirby in the bath, or picking her up to place her on the counter to cook with me like she always does, really just the simple tasks like that have gotten much more difficult and I defintely miss being able to do them with ease.
Movement - Little dude is still partying it up in there and has started to hit my ribs now and definitely kicking my bladder quite a bit. These past two days I feel like he has been sitting up extra high, and if I bend over or slouch he definitely lets me know that he does not like that, the little guy needs his space man.
Cravings - Still eating a bag of Trader Joes organic Kiwis a week! But they are so darn good for you, so it's a good craving to have. Kiwi has more potassium than a banana, more vitamin C than an orange, more fiber than most cereal and more vitamin E & K than an avocado!! And TJ's organic bags of them (about 6-8 kiwis) are $2.20 right now! I have also been hooked on their organic maple spice oatmeal lately! So good!
Looking forward to - Kirby's 3rd birthday party planning has started! We have a fun little party planned, I'll be sure and share the details as I work on it!

22 Weeks of Baby Jack

Sunday, March 8, 2015


How far along - 22 weeks 
Gender - Boy! 
Weight Gain- 20 pounds 
Maternity Clothes - Of course, and I just purchased 4 summer tops and 2 really nice dresses for $40 this week, off of a momma in one of the mom's groups I am a part of who was selling her maternity stuff! I will be 2 more months farther into summer with Jack than I was with Kirby, so to date I haven't had to buy anything maternity besides 2 pairs of jeans, but I will need some more summer stuff. I think from here on out I will stick with only dresses for the summer that way I have some cute loose fitting outfits to wear after I have him, and maybe just a pair of shorts to wear with my new tops. 
Sleep- Still about the same, just taking me longer to fall asleep and up 1-2 times at night to pee. Although I went to sleep at 9 on Saturday night and then Brian got up with Kirby & I slept until 9am Sunday morning!! I guess my body needed it, let me tell you, pure bliss! 
Best moment this week- We have officially gotten big sister potty trained!! Still some accidents here and there but we are just so proud of her & I really didn't want two in diapers. We also decided this week to cloth diaper Jack! I am super excited about it, I wanted to with Kirby, but never got around to it. We were either going to do the Honest Brand which is what we used with Kirby along with the Babyganics (we liked Honest better). But we decided doing the Honest bundles at $60-$70/month for another 2-3 years just didn't compare to one stash of cloth diapers. Chemical free is the most important thing to us and to save a ton of money on top of that made it seem like the best choice for us. 
Worst moment this week- We tragically lost my sweet sweet Uncle Mark, Kirby called him Uncle Uncle Mark since he was her great uncle. Which has just been very hard on our entire family and something we will just never fully recover from. He was such a special soul & I will miss him daily. Here is a picture of my two brothers (on the outsides) & my cousin Mikey's tribute to uncle Mark (all of his nephews) with three of his guitars. His favorite one was laid in the casket with him. Playing guitar and making beautiful furniture and one of a kind pieces out of wood were two of Mark's best talents.

Miss anything- I can still cuddle with my Kirby how we always do, but holding that 39 pound baby has definitely become a challenge. However, I am not ready for it to be the last time that I hold her so I still do every once in a while, but I definitely miss being able to hold her all the time. 
Movement- This little dude is going to give us a run for our money. Maybe it's because Kirby was such a lazy baby in the womb, but it just blows my mind how much he moves. I just love laying with him while I am falling asleep at night & he is just wiggling away, it's definitely one of my favorite things this pregnancy. 
Cravings- I have been on a Kiwi kick this week (they seriously remind me of sour candy, it kicks that craving in a minute) & I just got myself another nice big bag of Trader Joe's organic Kiwis today that I will have all to myself because Kirby doesn't like them & Brian isn't eating fruit at the moment, score! 
Looking forward to - Some really gorgeous weather coming up the second half of this week and just 10 more days until we get to hear this little ones heart beat again & I will also get my glucose drink to drink before I come to my 28 week appointment. Also, we are almost ready to get started on Jack's room. We have been going through a little rough patch with Brian's work, but he has started up a wholesaling business on the side that is beginning to take off and our future is looking much less stressful and very very positive, so baby projects & purchases will be coming in the next month or so. For now, I am just working on spring cleaning and organizing room by room. 

Meal Planning | Grocery List

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This post is SUPER late! Things have been a little hectic around here lately & we are knee deep in potty training. There was a couple of graphics & recipes that I needed to put together for this post, so that is what delayed me so much. This is actually not our meal plan for this week, it is last week's, so if you see me posting on IG (mrainey_fit) & it doesn't match up to this meal plan that's why. I will get caught up soon! 

I know I say all the time how much I just love Trader Joe's, I seriously don't think I have ever been more passionate about a grocery store in my entire life. Well, they have officially pushed me over the top with my love for them. Kirby became an official crew member! We were walking through the store and one of the crew members heard me say Kirby's name. He looked over at us and was so excited that he & Kirby shared the same name that he took his name tag right off and handed it over to her. She definitely thought that was the coolest thing ever, and loved all of the attention she got from the other employees as they all noticed her name tag during the rest of our shopping trip. I still can't decide who was more excited Kirby or myself! 

I have been wanting to make this fun little graphic of a few of our favorite bento style lunches, they are all kid friendly & I love them too! Perfect for school lunches as well, and without all of the chemicals and preservatives in the store bought pre-packaged lunches.  

I am going to start adding to my recipe page that way I can link you over there instead of doing the little short descriptions here at the bottom, but for this week the only recipe I have up is the homemade oatmeal bars. Which are so super easy & delicious and they lasted us the whole week. You can find them here

Homemade chicken nuggets with baked sweet potato fries and roasted broccoli 
-Sliced the chicken into bite sized pieces 
-Rolled them in olive oil and then into Trader Joe's organic plain bread crumbs (I season them with Parmesan cheese, garlic, sea salt and pepper)
-Baked at 425 for about 20 or so minutes (until both sides are golden brown)
-Sweet potato fries; sliced, basted with olive oil, sea salt and pepper and baked the same as chicken nuggets 
-Roasted Broccoli is basted with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and Parmesan & tossed in the oven with everything else, but just for 12 minutes

Teriyaki chicken over rice with green beans 
-I put chicken in the crock pot with water & cooked it throughout the day
-That evening I warmed it up in a skillet with garlic, honey, soy sauce, red wine vinegar & ground black pepper
-Boiled some brown rice & served it over the rice with boiled fresh green beans

Burrito Bowls
- Shredded chicken (cook in crock pot)
-brown rice
-black beans
-sour cream 
-homemade guacamole (sea salt, pepper, red onion, cilantro, lime)

Chicken Avocado Burritos
-Ezekiel Tortilla
-Put in shredded chicken, cilantro, avocado & mozzarella cheese
-Roll into burrito and bake at 350 for about 10 or so minutes

Baked chicken over Parmesan brown rice pasta with green beans
-Bake chicken, season with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and garlic and top with Parmesan
-Boil brown rice pasta, after it is strained & still hot mix in olive oil, sea salt, garlic, pepper, and Parmesan
-serve with boiled fresh green beans on the side 

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