Valentines Day Mantle

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Yes, this is a post about my mantle, however I am finally feeling like my festive self coming up on the second half of my pregnancy, so I thought I would share. Christmas was hard for me this year, I was not in the mood to decorate AT ALL, my mom even asked me a couple of times if I was okay since I wasn't being my extra festive self. So when I sent her a picture of my Valentine's Mantle she said "I'm glad you're back"! I feel like I was much more tired throughout this pregnancy than I was with Kirby & maybe that could be because having a two year old & being pregnant I wasn't sleeping 16 hours a day like I was with Kirby, so I just feel more tired, but it was definitely rough. 

I wanted to keep it super simple since we have two spring holidays coming up shortly after, so I wanted to be able to make some easy changes like painting the glasses, making a new garland & adding some new flowers. Having a festive mantel was one of the things I was most excited about when moving into our house, it makes our living room feel happier & it makes me smile when I see it! 

The white Pom Pom Garland I made last year (actually my best friend helped me string it together), we tied a needle to each end of an embroidery string (pre-measured to fit my mantle) and just stuck the pom poms through the needle & on to the string & tied it off once we had the entire string filled. 

The heart garland, I made this year, 
-I measured a piece of bakers twine to fit my mantel. 
-Then I drew a heart onto a piece of card stock so it was easy to trace & then traced 24 hearts onto pink & red felt. This made enough for 6 hearts of each color (the hearts are double sided). 
-Then I simply laid the bakers twine out on my floor and arranged the bottom half of the hearts how I wanted them spaced underneath the baker's twine. 
-Then I took some hot glue & squeezed it on each of the hearts underneath the twine & placed the top hearts over them & boom, glued to the string. 
I didn't follow a tutorial I just winged this one, so if you have an easier method, do share! 

And the silver glowing string lights are from the Target dollar section for three dollars!

The little glasses where by the kitchen section of Target for $1 a piece! I think they are supposed to be stemless wine glasses, but they work as perfect little vases. And I just added some fresh flowers from our local grocery store & trimmed them to fit right over the top & done! Super simple mantel. 

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