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Monday, February 16, 2015

This week for my family meal plan I kept it very simple & just basically went back through my lists of the past three weeks & picked a few of our the fastest dinners favorites. I haven't been feeling 100% lately due to allergies which have gotten much better over the past few days, but I am still getting this daily afternoon headache that is just killing my energy levels.

So I am just going to share my breakdown & grocery list, but not any of the recipes since you can refer back to previous posts if needed! The cost was right at $105 this week & that was a little higher than usual, but I had to purchase more organic virgin coconut oil & organic pure maple syrup, for our pancakes. Those are two things that usually last at least a month in our house, if not longer, but add about 10-12 dollars to the bill when I do have to purchase them.

A few people have also been expressing interest in Brian's meal prep, so I thought that I would share that with you all this week as well. Brian's meals this week were right at $45 total for the entire week, and he eats all organic as well. Brian is currently about 50-55 days in (I am not 100% sure on what day) to a 90 day complete fitness and nutrition program that he is creating. His results are absolutely amazing so far & I can't wait to show you all his before & afters once he completes the 90 days & his program is available.

He is currently in a high fat loss portion of the program which consists of 3 shakes per day (made with real food), snacks and a dinner of a lean meat and veggies. He is still working on the flavoring of the shakes, however he has noticed that over the many "meal replacement" shakes that he has tried over the years none have fully curbed his appetite quite like the ones that he is making currently.

Each shake he tries to max at 20g of carbohydrates. Now remember if you are following his 4-5 phase nutrition program for a total body transformation you would be eating according to your macro-nutrient break down, so the amounts of each component are not listed, however in the program it would explain to you how to break that down. For now if you are interested in calculating your own macro-nutrient breakdown, here is a great place to start.

Shake One:
Carb- Oats
Protein - Raw organic protein or Whey
Fats- Almond Butter
Added: Spinach, Stevia & 100% pure cocoa powder

Shake Two: (this one he is still working on how it is best flavored)
Carb- Sweet Potato
Protein - Raw organic protein or Whey
Fats- Avocado
Added: still experimenting

Shake Three: 
Carb- Organic Red Quinoa
Protein- Raw organic protein or Whey
Fats- Coconut oil
Added: sometimes adds some 100% pure cocoa powder

Brian preps shakes two & three the night before, and shake one the morning of. He blends them & then places them into shaker cups in the freezer & that way when he has them in his lunch box throughout the day they thaw out to a perfect consistency. He really does like the shakes & hasn't had any issues with not feeling full since he has started them. Also he is not good at taking pictures of his food like I am, so I don't have any pictures of the shakes for you, but I suppose they would be borring pictures anyways!

Dinners I prep & they are super easy! I do enough for the week & he is alternating this week between a chicken breast & broccoli or ground turkey & asparagus. His additional snacks include green olives, string cheese and nitrate free organic turkey deli meat.

I hope you enjoyed our food break down for this week. When we are on top of things & have everything prepped and ready to go on Monday our week goes by much more smoothly & we save a ton of money. We hit right at $150 this week for everything & for the family meal plan it was $105. So I was able to show you how to feed your family for about $100/week & how to prep 28 meals & additional snacks for a single person under $50, all of this being organic. So when people tell you eating organic is just too expensive or meal prepping just adds up on top of having to feed a family & eat organic, just tell them to come & talk to me!

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