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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Now for this week's meal plan & grocery list. Today we got caught up napping doing things around the house, like finally taking down our outdoor Christmas decorations that have been up for way too long, organizing the gym ( I need to do a tour of our home gym soon for you all) and getting baby Jack's room completely cleared out for painting to be started next weekend! I can't wait, I think I will make a nursery inspiration post so I can share the ideas I am having so far for a baby boy's nursery! So Kirby & I will be doing our grocery shopping in the morning (we have stuff for smoothies, so we will still be able to stay on plan) & I will update the total cost on the Grocery List image tomorrow. but it should stay around $100. Read below the images of the meal plan & grocery lists for some of the recipes & links.

  1. The Chicken Avocado Burritos were from a recipe I found on Pinterest here. The only change I made was Ezekiel Tortillas. 

  1. Power Bowl, I put a thin layer of peanut butter on the bottom & then pour in Greek yogurt (we prefer vanilla bean) & mix that will a puree of frozen mixed berries (great antioxidants). Then I top it with granola or oats & add Chi & Flax & then some sliced banana. It's so good! When Brian isn't on his strict eating plan I make one for him in a mason jar so he can grab it to take with him to work in the morning.

3. Skinny Cobb Salad - Picture is pretty self explanatory & then I use Newman's Own olive oil & vinegar dressing! It's delicious & easy, especially if your throw some chicken in the crock pot during the day & just whip it out shred it & add the remaining toppings over a bed of mixed greens.

4. For the chicken & broccoli stir fry I use sesame oil, a little organic tamari (soy sauce) and honey and then just toss the broccoli & chicken in the skillet with that & pour over a bed of brown rice. Easy! 

5. Burrito Bowls - We do shredded chicken (cooked in crock pot for easier prep), brown rice, black beans, cheese & guacamole (one avocado, seal salt, pepper, lime & cilantro to taste). Easy & delicious! 

6. Pasta - I use Trader Joe's organic brown rice pasta (just try it you will never go back), with canned olives, spinach & slice some peppers & pour in some red sauce & boom, easy with plenty of leftovers for lunch! We also sometimes add chicken sausage in this one, but Kirby isn't a huge fan of meat, so it saves us money to leave that out & we all like it just the same. 

7. Baked chicken over brown rice pasta with broccoli - I season my chicken with olive oil, sea salt (lightly), pepper, & garlic. Then I serve that over some brown rice pasta tossed in olive oil, and the same seasonings listed above but with a little Parmesan cheese. And then I roast my broccoli in the oven seasoned the exact same way & sprinkled with a little Parmesan & its our favorite veggie side (Kirby could eat a whole pan). 

Sorry those were a little out of order, but I hope that helps. You have probably noticed that we do a lot of leftovers or very simple lunches, it helps to cut the cost on the bill & still keep it nutritious & easy! As always just let me know if you have questions, I will be happy to answer! Enjoy the week, and workout posts should be coming next week. As you may know I am recovering from pneumonia & my lungs still aren't completely clear so this will be week three of no working out, I AM DYING! Fingers crossed they clear out this week & I can pick back up on that next week. 


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