Enjoy Your Pregnancy More and Stress About the Numbers on the Scale Less

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

During my first pregnancy my biggest internal battle was my weight gain. I had just found my love for fitness & had started getting into really great shape, then boom pregnancy turned it all upside down. I had always gotten the impression that pregnancy was the time in your life where you could eat whatever you craved and all of this weight would go into a perfect round ball on my belly & I would just be glowing. Well I guess I missed the fine print. You know, the part where all of those cravings go straight to your ass, and that ass stays around a lot longer after the pregnancy than you would like. This was the last picture I had in my phone of my body before Kirby, and I ultimately feared that it would never return.

During the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy I had reached 167 pounds, that's a 20 pound weight gain in 8 weeks!! I started to feel like no matter what I did I would gain weight. Granted, I definitely overdid it in the food department, but I was still training & maintaining a very regular workout regimen. Then came the stretch marks, lots and lots of them! They had me in tears nearly every time I would rub on my belly balm & oils that just didn't seem to help. The weight came on too fast & my skin just wasn't equipped to handle it. They covered my inner & outer thighs, my hips & breasts, I hated them & feared they were going to spread to my belly.

I don't think that I ever fully enjoyed my pregnancy because I couldn't get past the weight gain issue, or stop comparing myself to every pregnancy weight gain chart or pregnant woman out there. I ended up delivering at 196 pounds, making that a total of a 50 pound weight gain. I was so happy for it to be over & for the gaining to stop. Although more than anything I wanted to loose the weight & get back to my normal self. I didn't let it consume me & I made sure to do it in a healthy manner. I knew that breastfeeding and maintaining a strong milk supply was more important to me than dropping 50 pounds in 6 weeks.

The first step I made was cleaning up my diet, I made sure that I was eating frequently & not overdoing the carbs, but also factoring in the 500 extra calories that I needed for breastfeeding. Then, once I was clear to workout at 6 weeks I started training for a half marathon. Having a goal & a plan was probably the most important thing for me. It forced me to keep going & to workout regularly. I completed my program 100% and the weekend before my race we unexpectedly had to move to another city and even though I had already paid and registered I had to skip the race.

Through it all I was able to successfully transform my body to something I was even more proud of than before, over a time span of 6 months, and my stretch marks didn't even bother me anymore because I was proud of the way I looked & felt. I gained back my confidence & my body and the only thing I regret about all of it? Not enjoying my pregnancy because of it.

It is so easy for us mommas to get lost in this world of fit and skinny pregnancies where people only gain 18 pounds and are prided on being so tiny. But that isn't real life for a lot of us. For some women it is, and their bodies just don't require as much weight or they are better at not giving in to cravings and not over eating. But some of us, a lot of us, just. gain. weight. and that's okay too. None of our bodies are the same and none of us are going to react to pregnancy the way the person next to them will. I am now half way into my second pregnancy and though I am not on track to gain as much as I did with my first, I am still hitting a pound a week and nearly at a 20 pound weight gain in 20 weeks. But do you know what is most different about this pregnancy? I am enjoying it, every single second of it and every single jar of green olives that I have polished off and every single double serving of guacamole I eat each week.

This pregnancy I had two goals, one; to eat clean and nutritious and to eliminate as many chemicals as possible from my body and from my food. Two; to remain as active as possible & try to workout 3-5 times per week. I haven't prepped my meals or restricted my food in any way, if I am hungry I eat, I just choose from healthy options and only drink water. I have listened to my body & embraced myself & allowed my body to gain what it needs & let me tell you, I have been so much happier. And I am even more excited to have the best transformation yet after this little man gets here following our 90 day complete fitness & nutrition program that Brian is creating (and completing at the moment) that I can't wait to share with you all!

So don't stress about the numbers on the scale mommas, just worry about putting healthy foods into your body and getting your body moving a few times per week & I promise you can get back to your old self. I would love to help anyone if they ever need it!


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  3. I know so many women struggle with this same issue. I certainly did and the moment I had my baby, I was so overjoyed but at the same time so defeated that I still looked pregnant for about two weeks after. I didn't expect that. With my second pregnancy, I used a postpartum girdle immediately to help me get my water weight out of my mid-section and it made me feel so much better about myself which also gave me the motivation to get the weight off quickly.

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