Baby Jack's Nursery Inspiration

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jack's nursery is finally coming together in my head, and I am so excited to start working on it! We already combined Kirby's room & playroom at Christmas & it has turned out fabulous as well, she loves having all of her toys in her own little space. I will take pictures of it this week & share that with you all as well! This weekend my mom & I are refurbishing a wooden bedroom set for Brian & I's room, so I am going to start painting the base color of Jack's room next weekend.

I am really drawn to the eclectic tribal theme for his room, and loving the combination of different prints with neutrals, mixed wood & navy. I really think it is going to come together nicely & he wont outgrow it too fast. We plan to take the same route with Jack as we did with Kirby & keep the nursery until he turns two & then transition it into a big boy room with twin bed.

1. I am seriously loving this two-tone crib from WALMART! I currently have the Jenny Lind crib that we got from our family for Kirby's room, and it is definitely a very feminine crib, for the style I am going for in his room. The Jenny Lind runs pretty pricey, so I am thinking that I can sell her crib for about the same price as this crib from Walmart, its around $130, and make an even exchange.

2. This rug is pretty popular right now & I love it! I am torn between one similar to this or a statement Moroccan/tribal print rug. I found this on Pinterest & it is from Anthropologie, so I most definitely wont shell out the anthro price, I will do a little shopping around & I know something will speak to me! Would love to find a steal for about $50.

3. This is another Pinterest find & I plan to thrift for a mixed wood lamp piece similar to this one to put on the little end table by the nursery chair.

4 & 5 are Etsy finds, I am going to search out for a similar tribal print & I found a DIY arrow print throw pillow tutorial that I am going to do similar to this pillow. These will be accent pillows in his crib (obviously not in there with him) because I am just going to do a plain white crib sheet since I have so many prints going on everywhere else.

6. This wooden art piece (Etsy) I am definitely going to try & recreate similar for the gallery wall above his dresser/changing table. I plan to refurb an old solid wood dresser and make that his changing table. Depending on the dresser that I find I may stain it dark wood or paint it a greyish aqua color, I think I will decide once I find one for a good deal at a yard sale or craigslist.

7. I picked up this exact globe from Target & I have a really fun DIY for it that I can't wait to share!

8. This chair is from Target & is like $500, so I will definitely not be getting this exact chair, but I love this color, so I will be on the hunt for something similar. I may even find an old chair from Craigslist to recover, can't decide.

9. Finally, my favorite part of the room! Once I saw this Navy herringbone accent wall on Pinterest I knew it would be my design point for Jack's entire room & it is what I based everything around. I absolutely can't wait to see how it turns out. Our walls are super textured to I have looked up some tips to painting designs on textured walls & I'm hoping I can pull it off. I will share with you what technique I use once it's complete.

I hope you enjoyed my pregnancy ramblings, but I just had to share because decorating my kid's rooms & DIY projects make me giddy! I have one small project left in Kirby's room & then I will be sharing her room makeover this week.


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