20 Weeks of Baby Jack

Sunday, February 22, 2015

How far along - 20 weeks, I can't believe we are halfway!!
Gender - Boy
Weight gain - As of my last update it was 18lbs according to our scale, but according to the doctor's at my 20 week appointment I am up 16lbs, so I will go ahead & stick with that one :)
Maternity Clothes - All the way, and it's almost time to get a bathing suit! I have had my eye on this one since last summer & I am kicking myself for not ordering when it was on clearance for $15!!! Now I am debating if I still want to eat the cost. I am just not one of those all belly mommas, as you know at this point, so I seriously need one to cover my ass. I really love that this one is like a dress, because the skirts make me look like a fat tennis player & let's face it, ain't no body tryin' to see all this in some bikini bottoms.
Stretch marks - Just my same ones, and still loving my Honest Brand organic belly balm to try and help any new ones from sneaking through.
Sleep - Meh, I still sometimes wake up in the night on my back which really bothers me since you are not supposed to be on your back after 20 weeks. I remember doing this with Kirby too until I actually purchased a body pillow.
Best moment this week - Seeing our sweet baby Jack at the anatomy scan & everything is looking great!
Worst moment this week - I can't really think of anything, we have had an overall pretty great week.
Miss anything - I have started my workouts back up regularly these past few weeks since being sick & have shared a few on my Instagram (@mrainey_fit) that I still need to update on the workouts tab, but I am really missing being able to to do a really intense workout, or a comfortable run. I ran a little at the park last week & it was definitely not the most comfortable exercise.
Movement - This littl guy is a mover & a shaker, I feel him consistently throughout the day. He especially gets going in the mornings when Kirby & I drink our fruit smoothies, he loves them too!
Cravings - Green olives are still my most favorite snack & I have made guacamole at least 3 times this week! My recipe is delicious, Brian & my mom can both confirm. I smash one avocado & put in cilantro, red onion, sea salt, pepper & just a splash of peperoncini juice. I added it instead of lime when I was out one day & it's now my favorite way to make it! This serves one pregnant person or two regular people.
Looking forward to - I plan to tackle some organizational projects this week & get Jack's room taped off to hopefully finally start painting next weekend, so I am looking forward to getting all of that finished this week because I know it will feel so good to have done! And Kirby & I have a couple of St. Patrick's Day crafts we wanted to do this week as well!

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