19 Weeks of Baby Jack

Monday, February 16, 2015

How far along - 19 Weeks
Gender- Boy, and I just found out that three very close friends of mine are also having baby boys all within a few months of Jack! 'Tis the season for baby boys!
Weight Gain- 18lbs, doing better this pregnancy, but still no way in hell I'll ever be one of those girls that only gained 23lbs their entire pregnancy. I have accepted that a pound a week is about where I will stay, and as long as I don't go over that then my body is gaining what it needs to gain & my doctor has never expressed any concern about it.
Maternity Clothes- Always, more than just not fitting into regular clothes, they are just more comfortable, more flattering and show off my bump, they make them for a reason y'all!
Stretch Marks- Still the same ones from Kirby (thighs & breasts). I did buy some of the Honest Brand organic belly balm this week and am loving it! I wanted to make my own, but let's face it, buying it took up much less of my time, especially since Baby Earth (a store we frequent for fun things to do with Kirby) carries all of the Honest Brand products.
Sleep- I have been using one of our larger pillows for support because I kept waking up on my back, and that has helped a lot. Still up at least once to pee, and it is definitely harder for me to fall asleep at night and get up in the mornings. Ha!
Best moment this week- Brian got to feel baby Jack kick twice this week!
Worst moment this week- I would have to say my allergies, they have just been killing me! I am so ready for this season to pass us, I have never been a fan of winter. Once December 26th rolls around I am over it.
Miss Anything- My strong immune system, pregnancy always just throws it for a loop.
Movement- All of his little kicks are just amazing. It may be my most favorite part of pregnancy, every time I feel him kick my heart skips a beat & I can't help but smile, it never gets old. He has already been so consistent with his kicks, unlike big sister who was as calm as can be, I just know he is going to be a hand full!
Cravings- I mean, I bought the largest jar of green olives that Trader Joes has last Sunday & lets just say they were all gone yesterday (Thursday). I mean we all love to snack on them in this house, but I think baby Jack likes them the most.
Looking forward to- Our anatomy scan on Wednesday! Kirby, Brian & my mom will be there! We are all excited to see our little man!

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