Enjoy Your Pregnancy More and Stress About the Numbers on the Scale Less

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

During my first pregnancy my biggest internal battle was my weight gain. I had just found my love for fitness & had started getting into really great shape, then boom pregnancy turned it all upside down. I had always gotten the impression that pregnancy was the time in your life where you could eat whatever you craved and all of this weight would go into a perfect round ball on my belly & I would just be glowing. Well I guess I missed the fine print. You know, the part where all of those cravings go straight to your ass, and that ass stays around a lot longer after the pregnancy than you would like. This was the last picture I had in my phone of my body before Kirby, and I ultimately feared that it would never return.

During the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy I had reached 167 pounds, that's a 20 pound weight gain in 8 weeks!! I started to feel like no matter what I did I would gain weight. Granted, I definitely overdid it in the food department, but I was still training & maintaining a very regular workout regimen. Then came the stretch marks, lots and lots of them! They had me in tears nearly every time I would rub on my belly balm & oils that just didn't seem to help. The weight came on too fast & my skin just wasn't equipped to handle it. They covered my inner & outer thighs, my hips & breasts, I hated them & feared they were going to spread to my belly.

I don't think that I ever fully enjoyed my pregnancy because I couldn't get past the weight gain issue, or stop comparing myself to every pregnancy weight gain chart or pregnant woman out there. I ended up delivering at 196 pounds, making that a total of a 50 pound weight gain. I was so happy for it to be over & for the gaining to stop. Although more than anything I wanted to loose the weight & get back to my normal self. I didn't let it consume me & I made sure to do it in a healthy manner. I knew that breastfeeding and maintaining a strong milk supply was more important to me than dropping 50 pounds in 6 weeks.

The first step I made was cleaning up my diet, I made sure that I was eating frequently & not overdoing the carbs, but also factoring in the 500 extra calories that I needed for breastfeeding. Then, once I was clear to workout at 6 weeks I started training for a half marathon. Having a goal & a plan was probably the most important thing for me. It forced me to keep going & to workout regularly. I completed my program 100% and the weekend before my race we unexpectedly had to move to another city and even though I had already paid and registered I had to skip the race.

Through it all I was able to successfully transform my body to something I was even more proud of than before, over a time span of 6 months, and my stretch marks didn't even bother me anymore because I was proud of the way I looked & felt. I gained back my confidence & my body and the only thing I regret about all of it? Not enjoying my pregnancy because of it.

It is so easy for us mommas to get lost in this world of fit and skinny pregnancies where people only gain 18 pounds and are prided on being so tiny. But that isn't real life for a lot of us. For some women it is, and their bodies just don't require as much weight or they are better at not giving in to cravings and not over eating. But some of us, a lot of us, just. gain. weight. and that's okay too. None of our bodies are the same and none of us are going to react to pregnancy the way the person next to them will. I am now half way into my second pregnancy and though I am not on track to gain as much as I did with my first, I am still hitting a pound a week and nearly at a 20 pound weight gain in 20 weeks. But do you know what is most different about this pregnancy? I am enjoying it, every single second of it and every single jar of green olives that I have polished off and every single double serving of guacamole I eat each week.

This pregnancy I had two goals, one; to eat clean and nutritious and to eliminate as many chemicals as possible from my body and from my food. Two; to remain as active as possible & try to workout 3-5 times per week. I haven't prepped my meals or restricted my food in any way, if I am hungry I eat, I just choose from healthy options and only drink water. I have listened to my body & embraced myself & allowed my body to gain what it needs & let me tell you, I have been so much happier. And I am even more excited to have the best transformation yet after this little man gets here following our 90 day complete fitness & nutrition program that Brian is creating (and completing at the moment) that I can't wait to share with you all!

So don't stress about the numbers on the scale mommas, just worry about putting healthy foods into your body and getting your body moving a few times per week & I promise you can get back to your old self. I would love to help anyone if they ever need it!

20 Weeks of Baby Jack

Sunday, February 22, 2015

How far along - 20 weeks, I can't believe we are halfway!!
Gender - Boy
Weight gain - As of my last update it was 18lbs according to our scale, but according to the doctor's at my 20 week appointment I am up 16lbs, so I will go ahead & stick with that one :)
Maternity Clothes - All the way, and it's almost time to get a bathing suit! I have had my eye on this one since last summer & I am kicking myself for not ordering when it was on clearance for $15!!! Now I am debating if I still want to eat the cost. I am just not one of those all belly mommas, as you know at this point, so I seriously need one to cover my ass. I really love that this one is like a dress, because the skirts make me look like a fat tennis player & let's face it, ain't no body tryin' to see all this in some bikini bottoms.
Stretch marks - Just my same ones, and still loving my Honest Brand organic belly balm to try and help any new ones from sneaking through.
Sleep - Meh, I still sometimes wake up in the night on my back which really bothers me since you are not supposed to be on your back after 20 weeks. I remember doing this with Kirby too until I actually purchased a body pillow.
Best moment this week - Seeing our sweet baby Jack at the anatomy scan & everything is looking great!
Worst moment this week - I can't really think of anything, we have had an overall pretty great week.
Miss anything - I have started my workouts back up regularly these past few weeks since being sick & have shared a few on my Instagram (@mrainey_fit) that I still need to update on the workouts tab, but I am really missing being able to to do a really intense workout, or a comfortable run. I ran a little at the park last week & it was definitely not the most comfortable exercise.
Movement - This littl guy is a mover & a shaker, I feel him consistently throughout the day. He especially gets going in the mornings when Kirby & I drink our fruit smoothies, he loves them too!
Cravings - Green olives are still my most favorite snack & I have made guacamole at least 3 times this week! My recipe is delicious, Brian & my mom can both confirm. I smash one avocado & put in cilantro, red onion, sea salt, pepper & just a splash of peperoncini juice. I added it instead of lime when I was out one day & it's now my favorite way to make it! This serves one pregnant person or two regular people.
Looking forward to - I plan to tackle some organizational projects this week & get Jack's room taped off to hopefully finally start painting next weekend, so I am looking forward to getting all of that finished this week because I know it will feel so good to have done! And Kirby & I have a couple of St. Patrick's Day crafts we wanted to do this week as well!

19 Weeks of Baby Jack

Monday, February 16, 2015

How far along - 19 Weeks
Gender- Boy, and I just found out that three very close friends of mine are also having baby boys all within a few months of Jack! 'Tis the season for baby boys!
Weight Gain- 18lbs, doing better this pregnancy, but still no way in hell I'll ever be one of those girls that only gained 23lbs their entire pregnancy. I have accepted that a pound a week is about where I will stay, and as long as I don't go over that then my body is gaining what it needs to gain & my doctor has never expressed any concern about it.
Maternity Clothes- Always, more than just not fitting into regular clothes, they are just more comfortable, more flattering and show off my bump, they make them for a reason y'all!
Stretch Marks- Still the same ones from Kirby (thighs & breasts). I did buy some of the Honest Brand organic belly balm this week and am loving it! I wanted to make my own, but let's face it, buying it took up much less of my time, especially since Baby Earth (a store we frequent for fun things to do with Kirby) carries all of the Honest Brand products.
Sleep- I have been using one of our larger pillows for support because I kept waking up on my back, and that has helped a lot. Still up at least once to pee, and it is definitely harder for me to fall asleep at night and get up in the mornings. Ha!
Best moment this week- Brian got to feel baby Jack kick twice this week!
Worst moment this week- I would have to say my allergies, they have just been killing me! I am so ready for this season to pass us, I have never been a fan of winter. Once December 26th rolls around I am over it.
Miss Anything- My strong immune system, pregnancy always just throws it for a loop.
Movement- All of his little kicks are just amazing. It may be my most favorite part of pregnancy, every time I feel him kick my heart skips a beat & I can't help but smile, it never gets old. He has already been so consistent with his kicks, unlike big sister who was as calm as can be, I just know he is going to be a hand full!
Cravings- I mean, I bought the largest jar of green olives that Trader Joes has last Sunday & lets just say they were all gone yesterday (Thursday). I mean we all love to snack on them in this house, but I think baby Jack likes them the most.
Looking forward to- Our anatomy scan on Wednesday! Kirby, Brian & my mom will be there! We are all excited to see our little man!

Meal Planning & Meal Prep

This week for my family meal plan I kept it very simple & just basically went back through my lists of the past three weeks & picked a few of our the fastest dinners favorites. I haven't been feeling 100% lately due to allergies which have gotten much better over the past few days, but I am still getting this daily afternoon headache that is just killing my energy levels.

So I am just going to share my breakdown & grocery list, but not any of the recipes since you can refer back to previous posts if needed! The cost was right at $105 this week & that was a little higher than usual, but I had to purchase more organic virgin coconut oil & organic pure maple syrup, for our pancakes. Those are two things that usually last at least a month in our house, if not longer, but add about 10-12 dollars to the bill when I do have to purchase them.

A few people have also been expressing interest in Brian's meal prep, so I thought that I would share that with you all this week as well. Brian's meals this week were right at $45 total for the entire week, and he eats all organic as well. Brian is currently about 50-55 days in (I am not 100% sure on what day) to a 90 day complete fitness and nutrition program that he is creating. His results are absolutely amazing so far & I can't wait to show you all his before & afters once he completes the 90 days & his program is available.

He is currently in a high fat loss portion of the program which consists of 3 shakes per day (made with real food), snacks and a dinner of a lean meat and veggies. He is still working on the flavoring of the shakes, however he has noticed that over the many "meal replacement" shakes that he has tried over the years none have fully curbed his appetite quite like the ones that he is making currently.

Each shake he tries to max at 20g of carbohydrates. Now remember if you are following his 4-5 phase nutrition program for a total body transformation you would be eating according to your macro-nutrient break down, so the amounts of each component are not listed, however in the program it would explain to you how to break that down. For now if you are interested in calculating your own macro-nutrient breakdown, here is a great place to start.

Shake One:
Carb- Oats
Protein - Raw organic protein or Whey
Fats- Almond Butter
Added: Spinach, Stevia & 100% pure cocoa powder

Shake Two: (this one he is still working on how it is best flavored)
Carb- Sweet Potato
Protein - Raw organic protein or Whey
Fats- Avocado
Added: still experimenting

Shake Three: 
Carb- Organic Red Quinoa
Protein- Raw organic protein or Whey
Fats- Coconut oil
Added: sometimes adds some 100% pure cocoa powder

Brian preps shakes two & three the night before, and shake one the morning of. He blends them & then places them into shaker cups in the freezer & that way when he has them in his lunch box throughout the day they thaw out to a perfect consistency. He really does like the shakes & hasn't had any issues with not feeling full since he has started them. Also he is not good at taking pictures of his food like I am, so I don't have any pictures of the shakes for you, but I suppose they would be borring pictures anyways!

Dinners I prep & they are super easy! I do enough for the week & he is alternating this week between a chicken breast & broccoli or ground turkey & asparagus. His additional snacks include green olives, string cheese and nitrate free organic turkey deli meat.

I hope you enjoyed our food break down for this week. When we are on top of things & have everything prepped and ready to go on Monday our week goes by much more smoothly & we save a ton of money. We hit right at $150 this week for everything & for the family meal plan it was $105. So I was able to show you how to feed your family for about $100/week & how to prep 28 meals & additional snacks for a single person under $50, all of this being organic. So when people tell you eating organic is just too expensive or meal prepping just adds up on top of having to feed a family & eat organic, just tell them to come & talk to me!

Playground Workout

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This was my first time working out in over a month due to having pneumonia! A really weird case of pneumonia, I never felt sick once, just had lots of fluid in my lungs that took over a month to clear up! I am so glad to finally get back to my workout routine. I plan to share as many workouts as I can throughout my pregnancy & log them by trimester so all of you mommas to be can reference back & use them as you progress in your pregnancy. Remember to consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen, and always listen to your body. If you need to stop or slow down DO IT, pregnancy is not a time in your life to push your body to the limit. 

During this workout I was able to target all of the major muscle groups in my arms & legs & include some cardio as well. It took me 30 minutes to complete this workout & I burned a little over 400 calories. 

Next I am going to break it down by circuit into videos so that you can have references on how to perform each exercise in the circuit. Each circuit it 90 reps & I chose to break it up by doing 10 of each exercise & then repeating the 3 exercises within the circuit 3 times. However, if you prefer to knock out one exercise at a time go for it, just make sure you fully complete one circuit before going to the next. 

Oh and I apologize for the awkward sound, I didn't add any music to these, I was being lazy, but I will be adding music in the future. And if you hear a kid screaming in the background that would be my neighbor's kid. I promise I would not just ignore my daughter screaming, her & our dog were happily playing the entire time & I think you do catch her on the videos a time or two. 

Circuit One
Incline push-ups
Body weight squats
Mountain climbers

Circuit Two
Walking lunges 
Toe taps

Circuit Three 
Bicep curls 
Pistol squats
Step ups

Circuit Four
Tricep extensions 
Elevated side squats 
1-2-3 Heisman

Alright ladies, this was my first attempt at sharing a video workout with you all. Let me know what you think! Was it helpful? Were they too long? Was the break down weird? Was it easy to follow? Tips are appreciated so that I can make them better in the future. Also I realize that I was cut off a few times & I apologize, but I am assuming you can catch on to what I am doing. I was using Kirby's highchair as a tripod for my iPhone, so hopefully they get better as I do more. Thanks for following! 

Meal Planning | Grocery List

Monday, February 9, 2015

This is what our week looks like in regards to food! All of this for $92.99!! This is my lowest cost yet at Trader Joe's for an entire week of breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. I am a very simple cook, when recipes start getting extensive I always screw them up, my list gets expensive, or I don't want to cook them because it takes up too much of my time. So I stick with healthy options that I know my family will like & that aren't too extreme, because if you have a two year old who will eat brown rice, chicken & veggies all week, please share your secrets!

This does not include the meal prep that Brian is on for his 90 day transformation program that he is creating that we will share with you all soon! He has had amazing results 45 days in & I am dying to share, but he is making me wait until the program is complete. I purchased all of his prep food for $46 & it is all organic as well. I will be sharing with you pictures & the breakdown of his prep after I am finished prepping his meals this evening. It is the same plan I will be following post postpartum, but I will be adding 500 calories for breastfeeding.

As always I will briefly describe the meals below & link to any recipes, but this week they are all my own. I am not going to break down the lunches this week because I plan to take pictures of our week of bento-style lunches & create a super easy info-graphic for you to be able to reference to when you want quick lunches that also work perfect in a kid's lunch box.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
-Almond milk
-Peanut butter 
-Greek yogurt 
-Cocoa powder 
**blend (I just eyeball all of my ingredients )

Black Bean & Cheese Quesadilla w/ Guacamole 
Just like it sounds, I throw black beans & cheese in an Ezekiel tortilla melt on a skillet & then top with homemade guacamole (Avocado, cilantro, onion, lime juice, sea salt & pepper) and serve with a side caesar salad.

Chicken Feta Salad 
Super easy, add chopped apple, shredded chicken (cooked in crock pot for easy prep), feta cheese & pistachios over mixed greens plus some added spinach & serve with a raspberry vinaigrette. The half of a cheese Ezekiel quesadilla is optional if you want low-carb, but Kirby & I love to share one with our salads. 

Greek Yogurt Broccoli Mac 
I cook some brown rice pasta & saute my broccoli on a skillet a little and then add them into the pot together. Then I just mix in on medium to low heat, cheese, Greek yogurt, sea salt, pepper and a little almond milk & boom done! 

Homemade Chicken Nuggets with Sweet Potatoes & Roasted Broccoli 
Chicken Nuggets- slice into small pieces, roll in a little olive oil & then roll in TJ's plain organic bread crumbs, that I season myself with garlic, Parmesan & a little sea salt & pepper and bake at 425 for about 15 minutes give or take depending on your oven. 
Broccoli & Sweet Potato- I slice the potatoes & season them the same as the broccoli, garlic, sea salt, pepper, olive oil & Parmesan (anything I put sea salt on is VERY light) and then I bake them at 425 until they are golden or broccoli starts to crisp.  

Protein Style Turkey Burgers 
I just make small turkey patties & cook on a skillet along with some turkey bacon. Then I top with cheese & homemade guacamole & serve with a side caesar salad, no bun (its our favorite & we use Trader Joe's Brand Caesar vinaigrette)

Brown Rice Spaghetti 
I buy TJ's tomato basil pasta sauce to make it easy & then I just brown my ground turkey & boil the brown rice spaghetti and mix it all together, boom! Then I serve with roasted broccoli, same method as listed above. 

Baked Sandwiches
  This is my "no cook" meal, when at this point in the week the thought of making dinner makes me want to run my head through a wall. I just open up the bagels put nitrate free deli turkey, cheese, and avocado on top & bake them at 400 until melted then serve with black bean quinoa chips & fruit of choice. Simple! 

Baby Jack's Nursery Inspiration

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jack's nursery is finally coming together in my head, and I am so excited to start working on it! We already combined Kirby's room & playroom at Christmas & it has turned out fabulous as well, she loves having all of her toys in her own little space. I will take pictures of it this week & share that with you all as well! This weekend my mom & I are refurbishing a wooden bedroom set for Brian & I's room, so I am going to start painting the base color of Jack's room next weekend.

I am really drawn to the eclectic tribal theme for his room, and loving the combination of different prints with neutrals, mixed wood & navy. I really think it is going to come together nicely & he wont outgrow it too fast. We plan to take the same route with Jack as we did with Kirby & keep the nursery until he turns two & then transition it into a big boy room with twin bed.

1. I am seriously loving this two-tone crib from WALMART! I currently have the Jenny Lind crib that we got from our family for Kirby's room, and it is definitely a very feminine crib, for the style I am going for in his room. The Jenny Lind runs pretty pricey, so I am thinking that I can sell her crib for about the same price as this crib from Walmart, its around $130, and make an even exchange.

2. This rug is pretty popular right now & I love it! I am torn between one similar to this or a statement Moroccan/tribal print rug. I found this on Pinterest & it is from Anthropologie, so I most definitely wont shell out the anthro price, I will do a little shopping around & I know something will speak to me! Would love to find a steal for about $50.

3. This is another Pinterest find & I plan to thrift for a mixed wood lamp piece similar to this one to put on the little end table by the nursery chair.

4 & 5 are Etsy finds, I am going to search out for a similar tribal print & I found a DIY arrow print throw pillow tutorial that I am going to do similar to this pillow. These will be accent pillows in his crib (obviously not in there with him) because I am just going to do a plain white crib sheet since I have so many prints going on everywhere else.

6. This wooden art piece (Etsy) I am definitely going to try & recreate similar for the gallery wall above his dresser/changing table. I plan to refurb an old solid wood dresser and make that his changing table. Depending on the dresser that I find I may stain it dark wood or paint it a greyish aqua color, I think I will decide once I find one for a good deal at a yard sale or craigslist.

7. I picked up this exact globe from Target & I have a really fun DIY for it that I can't wait to share!

8. This chair is from Target & is like $500, so I will definitely not be getting this exact chair, but I love this color, so I will be on the hunt for something similar. I may even find an old chair from Craigslist to recover, can't decide.

9. Finally, my favorite part of the room! Once I saw this Navy herringbone accent wall on Pinterest I knew it would be my design point for Jack's entire room & it is what I based everything around. I absolutely can't wait to see how it turns out. Our walls are super textured to I have looked up some tips to painting designs on textured walls & I'm hoping I can pull it off. I will share with you what technique I use once it's complete.

I hope you enjoyed my pregnancy ramblings, but I just had to share because decorating my kid's rooms & DIY projects make me giddy! I have one small project left in Kirby's room & then I will be sharing her room makeover this week.

Valentines Day Mantle

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Yes, this is a post about my mantle, however I am finally feeling like my festive self coming up on the second half of my pregnancy, so I thought I would share. Christmas was hard for me this year, I was not in the mood to decorate AT ALL, my mom even asked me a couple of times if I was okay since I wasn't being my extra festive self. So when I sent her a picture of my Valentine's Mantle she said "I'm glad you're back"! I feel like I was much more tired throughout this pregnancy than I was with Kirby & maybe that could be because having a two year old & being pregnant I wasn't sleeping 16 hours a day like I was with Kirby, so I just feel more tired, but it was definitely rough. 

I wanted to keep it super simple since we have two spring holidays coming up shortly after, so I wanted to be able to make some easy changes like painting the glasses, making a new garland & adding some new flowers. Having a festive mantel was one of the things I was most excited about when moving into our house, it makes our living room feel happier & it makes me smile when I see it! 

The white Pom Pom Garland I made last year (actually my best friend helped me string it together), we tied a needle to each end of an embroidery string (pre-measured to fit my mantle) and just stuck the pom poms through the needle & on to the string & tied it off once we had the entire string filled. 

The heart garland, I made this year, 
-I measured a piece of bakers twine to fit my mantel. 
-Then I drew a heart onto a piece of card stock so it was easy to trace & then traced 24 hearts onto pink & red felt. This made enough for 6 hearts of each color (the hearts are double sided). 
-Then I simply laid the bakers twine out on my floor and arranged the bottom half of the hearts how I wanted them spaced underneath the baker's twine. 
-Then I took some hot glue & squeezed it on each of the hearts underneath the twine & placed the top hearts over them & boom, glued to the string. 
I didn't follow a tutorial I just winged this one, so if you have an easier method, do share! 

And the silver glowing string lights are from the Target dollar section for three dollars!

The little glasses where by the kitchen section of Target for $1 a piece! I think they are supposed to be stemless wine glasses, but they work as perfect little vases. And I just added some fresh flowers from our local grocery store & trimmed them to fit right over the top & done! Super simple mantel. 

Be My Valentine

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

After music class this morning Kirby & I decided to get a jump start on Valentines Day festivities. She has been asking me all week if we could do a Valentines craft, so I figured we might as well kill two birds with one stone & make a craft that could be used as Valentines for her little Mother's Day Out classmates (she goes Tuesday, Thursday 9-2pm).

We bought the biggest package of crayons we could find & a silicone heart shaped baking trey & that's all you need. First, Kirby helped me sort the crayons by color into bowls. Then we peeled all of the paper off & snapped the crayons into fourths. The easiest way I found was to peel the crayons first & then I passed them to Kirby & she loved snapping them into pieces ( I went back & broke her halves into fourths afterwards).

Once that part was finished we filled each heart with a handful of crayon pieces, Kirby loved picking which color she was going to do next. This box of 96 crayons (I believe) made 2 dozen hearts, we are making the second dozen once Kirby gets up from her nap.

Then we popped them into the oven at 230 degrees for 15-20 minutes (until crayons melted fully) and set them out to cool for about 20 minutes & boom they were ready & super easy to pop out, zero mess.

Now I just need to come up with a cute way to package them so she can bring them with her to school next week. Suggestions? I knew I wanted to do something other than candy for her
Valentine's & I know she would be thrilled to receive one herself, so I think it will be perfect. For now we have an extra dozen colorful crayons for her to color with all afternoon!

Meal Planning | Grocery List

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Now for this week's meal plan & grocery list. Today we got caught up napping doing things around the house, like finally taking down our outdoor Christmas decorations that have been up for way too long, organizing the gym ( I need to do a tour of our home gym soon for you all) and getting baby Jack's room completely cleared out for painting to be started next weekend! I can't wait, I think I will make a nursery inspiration post so I can share the ideas I am having so far for a baby boy's nursery! So Kirby & I will be doing our grocery shopping in the morning (we have stuff for smoothies, so we will still be able to stay on plan) & I will update the total cost on the Grocery List image tomorrow. but it should stay around $100. Read below the images of the meal plan & grocery lists for some of the recipes & links.

  1. The Chicken Avocado Burritos were from a recipe I found on Pinterest here. The only change I made was Ezekiel Tortillas. 

  1. Power Bowl, I put a thin layer of peanut butter on the bottom & then pour in Greek yogurt (we prefer vanilla bean) & mix that will a puree of frozen mixed berries (great antioxidants). Then I top it with granola or oats & add Chi & Flax & then some sliced banana. It's so good! When Brian isn't on his strict eating plan I make one for him in a mason jar so he can grab it to take with him to work in the morning.

3. Skinny Cobb Salad - Picture is pretty self explanatory & then I use Newman's Own olive oil & vinegar dressing! It's delicious & easy, especially if your throw some chicken in the crock pot during the day & just whip it out shred it & add the remaining toppings over a bed of mixed greens.

4. For the chicken & broccoli stir fry I use sesame oil, a little organic tamari (soy sauce) and honey and then just toss the broccoli & chicken in the skillet with that & pour over a bed of brown rice. Easy! 

5. Burrito Bowls - We do shredded chicken (cooked in crock pot for easier prep), brown rice, black beans, cheese & guacamole (one avocado, seal salt, pepper, lime & cilantro to taste). Easy & delicious! 

6. Pasta - I use Trader Joe's organic brown rice pasta (just try it you will never go back), with canned olives, spinach & slice some peppers & pour in some red sauce & boom, easy with plenty of leftovers for lunch! We also sometimes add chicken sausage in this one, but Kirby isn't a huge fan of meat, so it saves us money to leave that out & we all like it just the same. 

7. Baked chicken over brown rice pasta with broccoli - I season my chicken with olive oil, sea salt (lightly), pepper, & garlic. Then I serve that over some brown rice pasta tossed in olive oil, and the same seasonings listed above but with a little Parmesan cheese. And then I roast my broccoli in the oven seasoned the exact same way & sprinkled with a little Parmesan & its our favorite veggie side (Kirby could eat a whole pan). 

Sorry those were a little out of order, but I hope that helps. You have probably noticed that we do a lot of leftovers or very simple lunches, it helps to cut the cost on the bill & still keep it nutritious & easy! As always just let me know if you have questions, I will be happy to answer! Enjoy the week, and workout posts should be coming next week. As you may know I am recovering from pneumonia & my lungs still aren't completely clear so this will be week three of no working out, I AM DYING! Fingers crossed they clear out this week & I can pick back up on that next week. 

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