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Sunday, January 25, 2015

A few things I am asked about on a weekly basis are meal planing ideas, how I get my kids to eat healthy & how I can afford organic.

How we eat organic on a budget? I really struggled with the price of organic produce & my weekly bill until I found Trader Joe's. They have literally shaved $100s off of my grocery bill. I tell Brian every Sunday when we are loading our groceries into the car that I can't believe how much money we saved in comparison to HEB, it truly blows my mind. Trader Joe's is amazing, all products are local & they cut out the middle man, allowing them to give us better prices. They treat their employees amazingly & in return their employees are some of the nicest I have ever encountered. Every single time we go to the check out line, they unload the cart for you & have a full on genuine conversation with you, not just asking if you need ice or stamps & to have a nice day. You can return absolutely anything you don't like, and if you want to try something, they will open it on the spot. Finding a local store with local products & good pricing is the main way we have managed to eat organic on a budget, along with being smart about our choices, which is kind of a learn as you go type of thing. Some bills will be higher than expected & some lower, but once you get the hang of it you can pretty much hit your budget spot on every time.

How do I get my kids to eat healthy & not be picky? Now let me start off by saying Kirby is not a perfect eater & there are many things that she refuses to eat. My biggest tip that I can give you is to not give them another dinner option, EVER. I have never once made Kirby a separate dinner. Now I may deconstruct things, for example if we are eating taco salad, I know she will eat more/better if I put her rice & beans on the side, or if I know she may not be in love with the planned meal, I may slice an apple & add a little to her plate & once she starts eating she will usually venture to the things she isn't quite fond of. If she absolutely refuses to eat what she has been given & she tries at least two bites of it, she may have a yogurt & piece of fruit & if she is still hungry she can snack on whatever she can manage to eat off of her dinner plate or be hungry, but that is not very often that happens. Also letting your kids be a part of the cooking process can make them more open & willing to eat what they have helped to prepare, Kirby loves to help cook. There have been lots of studies on children in the kitchen & how it really does help expand their palate. For older kids allowing them to help you plan the dinner menu can make dinner time that much easier as well.

And finally for meal planning ideas, I have decided that I will start sharing my weekly meal plan & grocery list to help you out in providing a well balanced, affordable organic meal plan for you & your families. In the future I will list & link my recipes as I am going to start a recipe page to link to, but for now just ask me if you want to make something in particular & I will be happy to send it right over! I hope you enjoy!

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