17 Weeks

Friday, January 30, 2015

How far along: 17 Weeks
Gender: Boy
Weight Gain: Still sitting at 15 lbs, this makes me excited that I may actually meet my goal of 20 lbs max for the first half of my pregnancy!
Maternity Clothes: All the way
Sleep: Lately this week I have noticed that if I stay up past 10pm I can't fall asleep until midnight! It's like I get a second wind or something. So last night I went to sleep at 9pm & fell asleep easy, besides the fact that I was up 3 times to pee. Just preparing for that newborn life.
Best Moment this week: There have been several relating to my pregnancy actually! I finished up my antibiotics for pneumonia that had me so stressed having to take them during pregnancy! Kirby got to help Dr. Anderson listen to baby Jack's heartbeat, Dr. Anderson is so great with Kirby & lets her be involved in the process which I love so much, Brian says I have a girl crush on Dr. Anderson because I just love her so much. And we also had the Spina Bifida & open neural tube defects blood test done & that came back all clear, which is such a huge relief when you get healthy news!
Worst Moment this week: My lungs are still wheezing & I am not clear to workout!! Which is driving me insane because I have been really wanting to film  & share my pregnancy workouts with you all! Maybe next week, fingers crossed!
Miss anything: Working out, its been two weeks & I am going a little crazy about it.
Movement: So I am 98% positive last Friday night when I turned 16 weeks that I felt two distinct kicks right below my belly button, and I think I have felt a few thumps here & there since, but nothing consistent quite yet.
Cravings: I mean, I ate an entire jar of green olives this week, does that count as a craving?
Looking forward to: Our anatomy scan next month, starting the nursery & meeting a new momma that I met on the What To Expect forum/app next week for lunch, who is due the same month as me!

I took this picture this morning while Kirby & I were getting ready & she was "painting my toes" right before we had a melt down on our way to story time because she couldn't wear her high heels with her Princess Belle dress in the freezing cold (she wore the dress over her clothes, but not the shoes). But it shows a frontal view of the bump, and reminds me that I seriously need to decorate our master bathroom already!


  1. Keep it up girl! I gained way to much weight with Sulli. But I am down 30 and trying for 20 more!

  2. Keep it up girl! I gained way to much weight with Sulli. But I am down 30 and trying for 20 more!


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