15 Weeks

Friday, January 16, 2015

How far along? - 15 weeks (picture is on track, post is late!) 
Gender - Boy
Weight gain - 15lbs, on track for a pound a week I guess. My goal is to not go over 40lbs this time around.  
Maternity Clothes? - All day every day, minus my workout shirts & pants, those still fit just fine, or stretch just fine I should say. 
Sleep- I am up at least once a night still, and thinking it is about time for a preggo pillow, they are life changing!
Best moment this week- In regards to Jack, finally putting together a plan for the nursery. Everything has started speaking to me & I now know for sure how its going to be set up, I always just wait for the right design to jump out at me & go from there, it took longer for Jack's to come together in my head than Kirby's.
Worst moment this week- I unfortunately found out I have pneumonia! But oddly I have felt perfectly fine, I didn't even think I was sick until I asked my OB about my lingering cough & she asked me to come in to listen to my lungs & was like holy moly you definitely have pneumonia!! My heart rate was elevated from fighting the infection, and I have been wheezing a little, but other than that I have been just fine. Unfortunately I have to take antibiotics, which I hate, but she reassured me that these are very mild & safe & DO NOT cross the placenta & are very common amongst pregnant women.
Miss anything- I don't feel much different now, I know not being able to cuddle with Kirby like we do now, when my belly is really big, is going to be the biggest thing I will miss.
Movement- None yet, I mean sometimes I think I feel a little something here & there, but I don't know, with this anterior placenta I have prepared myself to not feel anything until 18-20 weeks. Kirby I felt at 19 weeks.
Cravings- It's odd this pregnancy I have yet to have any strong specific cravings. I am still not favoring many sweets.
Looking forward to - Starting on the nursery & our anatomy scan in February!

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