13 Weeks

Friday, January 2, 2015

How far along? - 13 weeks 

Gender - BOY! 

Weight gain- 10lbs, way better than I was doing last pregnancy, but will never be one of those girls who are all belly, cause booty don't hide I'll tell you that, it just runs down your leg. I will attribute that to better diet, still haven't gotten back into routine with my workouts. 

Maternity clothes- Hell to the yes, I even unpacked all of my stuff from my pregnancy with Kirby this week. They will be born 3 years & about 1 month apart so I am in the same season with my maternity clothes, score! 

Stretch marks- Just my tiger stripes from Kirbs so far (inner & outer thighs & breasts). I am needing to whip up some preggo body butter with my essential oils this week, I'll be sure & share the recipe.

Sleep- I am convinced that my body knows that my babies nurse through the night until they are 18 months, so apparently I am preparing for that at the moment. Haven't slept through the night since the 5th or 6th week. 

Best moment this week- Kirby getting to see baby Jack at our 12 week NT scan! She keeps a picture of him by her bed & tells him goodnight every night & we say an extra special prayer for him each night, she loves him so much already!! 

Miss anything? - A good night's sleep & a killer workout. 

Movement- Well my babies love to attach their placentas to my frontal wall (it's not a bad thing just more common for it to attach to the back wall & it shields the feeling of early movement), so again I have an anterior placenta this time around so probably won't be feeling kicks or flutters until 19-20 weeks. We couldn't believe it happened twice, even my doctor had a laugh about it! 

Nothing specific, well maybe hot sauce on my salad, I am loving that right now! My appetite has gone back down since the nausea subsided (I tend to eat more in the first trimester to help keep nausea at bay) so that has helped to slow my weight gain. 

Looking forward to? - Starting to work on nursery projects with my mom! We have settled on a color scheme! Navy & this grayish aqua color with dark wood & grey accents! Brian & I both have the same taste when it comes to decor, we aren't fans of themed nurseries or bedrooms & we like simple & clean, but nice strong colors.

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