17 Weeks

Friday, January 30, 2015

How far along: 17 Weeks
Gender: Boy
Weight Gain: Still sitting at 15 lbs, this makes me excited that I may actually meet my goal of 20 lbs max for the first half of my pregnancy!
Maternity Clothes: All the way
Sleep: Lately this week I have noticed that if I stay up past 10pm I can't fall asleep until midnight! It's like I get a second wind or something. So last night I went to sleep at 9pm & fell asleep easy, besides the fact that I was up 3 times to pee. Just preparing for that newborn life.
Best Moment this week: There have been several relating to my pregnancy actually! I finished up my antibiotics for pneumonia that had me so stressed having to take them during pregnancy! Kirby got to help Dr. Anderson listen to baby Jack's heartbeat, Dr. Anderson is so great with Kirby & lets her be involved in the process which I love so much, Brian says I have a girl crush on Dr. Anderson because I just love her so much. And we also had the Spina Bifida & open neural tube defects blood test done & that came back all clear, which is such a huge relief when you get healthy news!
Worst Moment this week: My lungs are still wheezing & I am not clear to workout!! Which is driving me insane because I have been really wanting to film  & share my pregnancy workouts with you all! Maybe next week, fingers crossed!
Miss anything: Working out, its been two weeks & I am going a little crazy about it.
Movement: So I am 98% positive last Friday night when I turned 16 weeks that I felt two distinct kicks right below my belly button, and I think I have felt a few thumps here & there since, but nothing consistent quite yet.
Cravings: I mean, I ate an entire jar of green olives this week, does that count as a craving?
Looking forward to: Our anatomy scan next month, starting the nursery & meeting a new momma that I met on the What To Expect forum/app next week for lunch, who is due the same month as me!

I took this picture this morning while Kirby & I were getting ready & she was "painting my toes" right before we had a melt down on our way to story time because she couldn't wear her high heels with her Princess Belle dress in the freezing cold (she wore the dress over her clothes, but not the shoes). But it shows a frontal view of the bump, and reminds me that I seriously need to decorate our master bathroom already!

Disciplining your toddler | My Method

Monday, January 26, 2015

This obviously isn't a fitness or nutrition related post, but raising children & leading a healthy lifestyle are the two most important things to me & things I will be talking about often on my blog. First off I would like to say this is our method of choice, I do not think that this is the only effective method, it is just me sharing what works for my family in hopes that it could be useful information to a new mom somewhere. As always I appreciate your feedback & would love to hear your take on discipline as well.

From the beginning Brian & I both chose timeout, and it has been very successful. Am I naive in thinking that this will work just as seamlessly for all of my children? Probably, but I intend to use the same process & hope that consistency will prevail once again. One thing we have received many compliments on from friends & family members alike, is how well Kirby handles timeout & how well behaved she is, most of the time. Don't get me wrong, she is a stinker and a half & we have our fair share of tantrums daily, but for the most part she is a pretty well behaved child. 

Kirby has always had very strong verbal communication skills & maybe that is why we don't struggle with the biting or hitting, which I imagine stems from a lack of verbal communication between parent & child, or it could be the whole violence begets violence concept. I mean it really makes sense if you think about it, if as an adult we show that we are frustrated with our children, so we spank them (which to them registers as hitting), then it sets an example of expressing their frustrations with hitting as well. However teaching them to take a timeout from the situation, think about what occurred & handle it once emotions have settled, is such a valuable trait that I think even most adults lack, myself included. That is a concept that we are teaching Kirby to grasp at a young age in hopes that it will make future relationships easier, whether it be siblings, friends, teachers or lovers.

Now let me preface this by saying CONSISTENCY IS KEY, it really & truly is. Kirby handles time out well now because we have been so consistent with it & use the same method every time. Is she throwing a fit in the middle of a store because she doesn't want to ride in the cart or she wants said toy? Yes, well you can bet your bottom dollar she is sitting of to the side & I am watching my clock or counting in my head for her 2 minutes while people walk by & look at me like I am bat shit crazy. But hey, it works, if you stick with it no matter the situation & you discipline them the same each time, it. will. work. The technique that we have chosen goes a little like this... 

Step One; The warning: When Kirby has done something that we deem necessary for a warning we are sure to get down to her level & clearly inform her that this is her warning & if she chooses to continue that behavior she will be placed into timeout. Surprisingly after the consistency of this method of discipline the warning now works quite well, and timeouts are much less frequent. I don't count to three, I don't do anything but a single verbal warning. 

Step Two; Time out: We chose to do one minute per year of age, so at the moment Kirby is in time out for 2 minutes. If she disregards the warning & continues with the behavior we have warned her of, we place her into the designated timeout area. When we place her there the ONLY thing that is said to her is "You are in time out because you did this (and we say whatever it is that she did)". The timer starts, if she gets out of timeout then the time starts over, every. single. time. We never talk to her once the time has started, rewarding them with communication can be counter productive, so we just quietly place her back into timeout & start the time again. And if you are thinking my child will never do this at home let alone in public, I promise you they will, you just have to battle it out a million few times. The public disciplining can be awkward & embarrassing at first, but I would rather be seen disciplining my kid in a calm & productive manner than walking around with a screaming misbehaving child.

Step Three; Apologizing: When timeout is over we walk over & inform Kirby that timeout is over & we ask her if she knows what she did wrong. At this point in her life she can now clearly state to us what she did wrong. When she was younger & couldn't quite communicate it clear enough, we would simply reiterate to her what she did & why it was not good behavior. We then ask her to apologize to us (or the person she misbehaved towards) and to give a kiss & a hug and she is on her way. If she refuses to apologize then timeout starts over, you want them to understand the concept of taking ownership for what they did & making it right. This is the step where you can discuss with them what they did & why it was wrong in more detail. Brian always wants to do this when he is placing her into timeout, which is understandable, however when their emotions are high it needs to be a simple one line reason & calm down before we talk solutions. I still try and keep the explaining to a minimum at her age, and be sure to get the point across clearly & move on.

Now that is where we are with discipline in the Rainey household. I love talking about & reading about topics such as this, so feel free to chime in! I did tons of research on this topic while I was pregnant so that I could be prepared for the way we would discipline from the beginning . I hope you enjoyed my take on disciplining your toddler & maybe this will help out a momma to be or a momma just struggling with discipline in general. It's definitely not an easy task & one of the most difficult, but most essential parts to parenting. I am so lucky that Brian & I agree on the way we discipline our children, because being on the same page as your partner makes all the difference. If you choose to use this method, but your partner doesn't follow it exactly, it can cause major setbacks & confusion in young minds. Brian was patient enough to allow me (after doing much research together) to lead him in a few timeouts so that we were both sure that our method was uniform. 

Meal Planning | Grocery List

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A few things I am asked about on a weekly basis are meal planing ideas, how I get my kids to eat healthy & how I can afford organic.

How we eat organic on a budget? I really struggled with the price of organic produce & my weekly bill until I found Trader Joe's. They have literally shaved $100s off of my grocery bill. I tell Brian every Sunday when we are loading our groceries into the car that I can't believe how much money we saved in comparison to HEB, it truly blows my mind. Trader Joe's is amazing, all products are local & they cut out the middle man, allowing them to give us better prices. They treat their employees amazingly & in return their employees are some of the nicest I have ever encountered. Every single time we go to the check out line, they unload the cart for you & have a full on genuine conversation with you, not just asking if you need ice or stamps & to have a nice day. You can return absolutely anything you don't like, and if you want to try something, they will open it on the spot. Finding a local store with local products & good pricing is the main way we have managed to eat organic on a budget, along with being smart about our choices, which is kind of a learn as you go type of thing. Some bills will be higher than expected & some lower, but once you get the hang of it you can pretty much hit your budget spot on every time.

How do I get my kids to eat healthy & not be picky? Now let me start off by saying Kirby is not a perfect eater & there are many things that she refuses to eat. My biggest tip that I can give you is to not give them another dinner option, EVER. I have never once made Kirby a separate dinner. Now I may deconstruct things, for example if we are eating taco salad, I know she will eat more/better if I put her rice & beans on the side, or if I know she may not be in love with the planned meal, I may slice an apple & add a little to her plate & once she starts eating she will usually venture to the things she isn't quite fond of. If she absolutely refuses to eat what she has been given & she tries at least two bites of it, she may have a yogurt & piece of fruit & if she is still hungry she can snack on whatever she can manage to eat off of her dinner plate or be hungry, but that is not very often that happens. Also letting your kids be a part of the cooking process can make them more open & willing to eat what they have helped to prepare, Kirby loves to help cook. There have been lots of studies on children in the kitchen & how it really does help expand their palate. For older kids allowing them to help you plan the dinner menu can make dinner time that much easier as well.

And finally for meal planning ideas, I have decided that I will start sharing my weekly meal plan & grocery list to help you out in providing a well balanced, affordable organic meal plan for you & your families. In the future I will list & link my recipes as I am going to start a recipe page to link to, but for now just ask me if you want to make something in particular & I will be happy to send it right over! I hope you enjoy!

Just click on the images below to see the full size version, or zoom in on your phone.

15 Weeks

Friday, January 16, 2015

How far along? - 15 weeks (picture is on track, post is late!) 
Gender - Boy
Weight gain - 15lbs, on track for a pound a week I guess. My goal is to not go over 40lbs this time around.  
Maternity Clothes? - All day every day, minus my workout shirts & pants, those still fit just fine, or stretch just fine I should say. 
Sleep- I am up at least once a night still, and thinking it is about time for a preggo pillow, they are life changing!
Best moment this week- In regards to Jack, finally putting together a plan for the nursery. Everything has started speaking to me & I now know for sure how its going to be set up, I always just wait for the right design to jump out at me & go from there, it took longer for Jack's to come together in my head than Kirby's.
Worst moment this week- I unfortunately found out I have pneumonia! But oddly I have felt perfectly fine, I didn't even think I was sick until I asked my OB about my lingering cough & she asked me to come in to listen to my lungs & was like holy moly you definitely have pneumonia!! My heart rate was elevated from fighting the infection, and I have been wheezing a little, but other than that I have been just fine. Unfortunately I have to take antibiotics, which I hate, but she reassured me that these are very mild & safe & DO NOT cross the placenta & are very common amongst pregnant women.
Miss anything- I don't feel much different now, I know not being able to cuddle with Kirby like we do now, when my belly is really big, is going to be the biggest thing I will miss.
Movement- None yet, I mean sometimes I think I feel a little something here & there, but I don't know, with this anterior placenta I have prepared myself to not feel anything until 18-20 weeks. Kirby I felt at 19 weeks.
Cravings- It's odd this pregnancy I have yet to have any strong specific cravings. I am still not favoring many sweets.
Looking forward to - Starting on the nursery & our anatomy scan in February!

13 Weeks

Friday, January 2, 2015

How far along? - 13 weeks 

Gender - BOY! 

Weight gain- 10lbs, way better than I was doing last pregnancy, but will never be one of those girls who are all belly, cause booty don't hide I'll tell you that, it just runs down your leg. I will attribute that to better diet, still haven't gotten back into routine with my workouts. 

Maternity clothes- Hell to the yes, I even unpacked all of my stuff from my pregnancy with Kirby this week. They will be born 3 years & about 1 month apart so I am in the same season with my maternity clothes, score! 

Stretch marks- Just my tiger stripes from Kirbs so far (inner & outer thighs & breasts). I am needing to whip up some preggo body butter with my essential oils this week, I'll be sure & share the recipe.

Sleep- I am convinced that my body knows that my babies nurse through the night until they are 18 months, so apparently I am preparing for that at the moment. Haven't slept through the night since the 5th or 6th week. 

Best moment this week- Kirby getting to see baby Jack at our 12 week NT scan! She keeps a picture of him by her bed & tells him goodnight every night & we say an extra special prayer for him each night, she loves him so much already!! 

Miss anything? - A good night's sleep & a killer workout. 

Movement- Well my babies love to attach their placentas to my frontal wall (it's not a bad thing just more common for it to attach to the back wall & it shields the feeling of early movement), so again I have an anterior placenta this time around so probably won't be feeling kicks or flutters until 19-20 weeks. We couldn't believe it happened twice, even my doctor had a laugh about it! 

Nothing specific, well maybe hot sauce on my salad, I am loving that right now! My appetite has gone back down since the nausea subsided (I tend to eat more in the first trimester to help keep nausea at bay) so that has helped to slow my weight gain. 

Looking forward to? - Starting to work on nursery projects with my mom! We have settled on a color scheme! Navy & this grayish aqua color with dark wood & grey accents! Brian & I both have the same taste when it comes to decor, we aren't fans of themed nurseries or bedrooms & we like simple & clean, but nice strong colors.

Gender Reveal

Thursday, January 1, 2015

We decided to forgo a huge gender reveal party, but still wanted to do something fun for Kirby to find out whether she was having a brother or a sister! We had advanced genetic & gender testing done so we were able to find out the gender at 12 weeks. They called us in the evening with our results & told us that baby was 100% healthy & we asked them to leave an envelope with the gender at the front desk for us to pick up in the morning so we could find out together as a family. 

The next morning Kirby & I went to Party City & had them fill a black balloon with either pink or blue confetti & not to tell us which is was. So they rang it up & we paid & they threw away the receipt and we headed up to Brian's office because neither of us could wait, and we let Kirby pop the balloon! So much fun! 

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