11 Weeks

Monday, December 29, 2014

How Far Along?- 11 Weeks
Total weight gain- 9 lbs, my ass gets pregnant too y'all!
Maternity Clothes?- Would you judge me if I said I bought maternity skinny jeans at 6 weeks & have worn only them since?
Stretch Marks?- Just the ones from last time, on my inner thighs & boobs.
Sleep- Up at least 2-3 times a night to pee & have been since 6 weeks.
Best Moment this week- I will do best moment so far since this is a grouped update, seeing baby & the heart beat at our 8 week sonogram! 165bpm!
Miss Anything?- My energy, caffeine & sleeping on my stomach (boobs are way too sore for that shit). Oh & a regular exercise routine, I have been slacking big time, which might be the reason for the 9lb weight gain.
Movement?- Not yet!
Food Cravings- Nothing specific really, but mainly savory things & mashed potatoes, yes mashed potatoes for sure!
Anything Make you Queasy or Sick?- Nothing specific just general nausea at this point.
Showing yet? Just a tiny bump!
Gender Prediction- I am so torn on this one, but am leaning towards another girl.
Happy or Moody? Gosh, can I be both? I guess that would mean moody if I have to ask huh?
Looking forward to? Finding out the gender! We will know New Years Eve at the latest, due to early genetic & gender testing.

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