Nutrition Tips for your Second Trimester

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am not a nutritionist & all of the information I am providing is from my own personal research & should never substitute what is recommended by your doctor. Remember you should always consult with a doctor before starting any nutrition plan.

In addition to your prenatals the following are important vitamins & nutrients that are valuable specifically to your second trimester...

Calcium; is very important in the second trimester because this is when the babies bones & teeth are beginning to form. Sufficient calcium can also reduce your risk for high blood pressure.
  • Yogurt & string cheese are always quick grabs & can be taken with you on the go.
  • Dried figs & almonds thrown in a baggie as your own homemade trail mix are both high in calcium & a great dairy alternative for a quick snack on the go.
  • Sardines on some wholemeal toast are not only great for calcium content, but for iron & omega 3 fatty acid, that are both crucial to fetal brain & eye development.
  • Oranges; are known for their Vitamin C but also contain a generous amount of calcium.
Magnesium is another bone essential. It also helps convert food to energy; in return it helps to regulate your body temperature. 
  • Baked potato
  • handful of seeds (flax seeds are very high in magnesium & you can easily add ground flax to your bowl of cereal or oatmeal in the mornings). 
  • Edamame

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