Nutrition Tips for your First Trimester

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I am not a nutritionist & all of the information I am providing is from my own personal research & should never substitute what is recommended by your doctor. Remember you should always consult with a doctor before starting any nutrition plan.

Snacks are great for your first trimester, eating little & often can really help with morning sickness. Vitamins & nutrients that are especially important in your first trimester in addition to your prenatals are...

Folates (the form of folic acid found in food):
  • make salads using baby spinach
  • steam some asparagus to have on hand to use with dips (roasted red pepper hummus is the shit) 
  • oranges & cantaloupe
  • sliced wholemeal bread (which is also good to make some toast, when you can't keep anything else down)
Vitamin A; keeps you healthy & boosts your immune system to fight off infections
  • eggs & cheese are a good source of retinol, the form of Vitamin A found in animal foods.
  • Vitamin A is also found largely in carotenoids, which is the orange foods.
  • mangoes, peaches, papaya are all great to add to a smoothie or bowl of cereal, or even just to throw in your bag on the go.
  • carrots, butternut squash & sweet potatoes are great alone or thrown in a soup.
If you are having trouble with morning sickness, ginger is a fabulous remedy. The Vitamin A in those carrots could also be great in a carrot cake right? Yes, yes I did just do that.


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