Month Eight Favorites

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tommee Tippee Bibs- These bibs are great for when you begin finger foods & they make for an easy clean up. Otherwise my little chick ends up with a million pieces of food in her lap & a stained outfit every time. 
Organic Puffs- Besides my obvious love of organic, she loves these. I was so afraid to give them to her at first, but she did great & they practically dissolve after two good chomps. We will continue to use these until she masters feeding herself, they are super easy to pick up. She still likes me to feed her most of her foods, even though we are basically fully transitioned to finger foods.
Wooden Walker- We actually purchased a different wooden walker that was recalled because the wheels fall off & they have tiny pieces. Well whaddya know, our wheels are sitting on my laundry room shelf at this very moment. I plan on taking it back to the store & ordering this one as its replacement. However, she loves her walker. She doesn't pull up yet so it is definitely a little advanced for her, but she loves to play with all of the parts & pieces while it is turned on its side.
Organic Baby Mum Mums- This was the very first food that we let Kirby try. She did wonderful, it made me nervous when she would bite of a big chunk, but I just took it away & gave her the bigger piece & she would just nibble on it until it dissolved in her mouth. I kept giving her sips of water from her sippy in between so that it kept her mouth from getting dry. 
Squeeze Blocks- Kirby loves to chew on squeeze these sweet little blocks. The bag was definitely her favorite part so we had to take that away. But you better believe she has one in her hand at all times. She loves to knock them over help me stack them.  
Baby Doll- Hands down one of her favorite toys at the moment, she is such a girl. This isn't the exact one that Kirby has, but she LOVES her baby doll. Kirby gets the biggest kick out of us making the baby dance. I swear she has said baby twice!  

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