7 months

Friday, January 18, 2013

7 months
We won't have a doctors apt. until her 9 month well check, but her sizes range between 9 & 12 months.
{Diaper size}
We have moved up to size 4 night time diapers, but still size 3 cruisers during the day.
Still nursing on demand, but our feeding schedule & schedule in general has pretty much worked itself into this. It is not something I set or strictly enforce (besides bath time & bedtime being regular) it has sort of just begun to repeat itself daily.
{Daily Schedule}
wake & nurse
Breakfast; fruit with oatmeal & some sips of water.
 nurse & nap
wake & nurse
Lunch; veggie & some sips of water
nurse & nap
wake & play
Dinner; fruit & veggie with oatmeal & some sips of water
bath time
books, nurse & bed
Here is the list of the go to foods that I make for now. Everything is organic. Butternut squash, acorn squash, zucchini, blueberries with plain Greek yogurt, broccoli, cauliflower, pears, apples, mangoes, (bananas are a no go they stop her up, too bad because she loves them) prunes, red bell pepper & sugar snap peas so far. She is a great eater & is always leery of a new flavor & stares that shit down until she is cross eyed following it all the way to her mouth, but enjoys everything that I make for her.
Not sleeping through the night at all! One night this month she was up every 30 minutes to nurse for about 2 hours & then up every 2 hours after that. If I am lucky it's only twice a night (midnight & around 4 or so then up at 7) but typically it's still every 2-3 hours! She loves sleeping in her swing, she still takes every nap in her swing since she was a newborn.
{Favorite words/sounds}
Loves to talk & is really jabbering & putting syllables together. Says mama when asked & when she wants me. Still working on dada.
{Favorite toy}
She really loves digging through them all, but she favors this little crinkly giraffe that we happen to put in her stocking, he comes with us everywhere & Sophie is one of her favorites too, I regret not getting her sooner. Those are our go to's when choosing what to throw in the car seat with her before we head out the door.
Her boyfriend Caden is another one of her favorite toys, I swear she thinks he is a real live baby doll & goes straight for his eyes every time. Half the time we are around him Kirby scares the shit out of him, because lets just say Kirby & I are both far from soft spoken.
Being around people & just people watching in general is one of her favorite things to do. She is such a social baby, she will go to anyone & does really well in large groups. She loves food, she says Mmm constantly while she is eating. Loves playing with her toys. Loves her swing, I can't get her to take naps without it, not sure what we are going to do when she grows out of it! We intended on giving her this outdoor swing for Christmas, but we opened it early on her 7 month Birthday & she loves it, we I couldn't keep a surprise to save my life.
She really enjoys reading books before bedtime, she still tries to eat them, but she is getting better & better, she knows it's time to read after she takes a bath & gets ready for bed.
If you can drink from it she loves it, she especially loves drinking Red Bulls with dada. Don't worry it isn't open.
But I would say her absolute most favorite thing to do is watch Yo Gabba Gabba on YouTube whenever she can convince us to let her do so. It's the only thing that doesn't go directly into her mouth surprisingly.
Bath time with her new bath seat, this thing is the shit & not to mention the cutest bath seat I have laid eyes on! Being able to sit up & play freely makes bath time that much more fun!
& finally kisses & hugs are on the very top of this sweet girls list. A girl after my own heart, I couldn't love her more.
{Not so much}
She is truly such a laid back baby. Everyone that meets her says the same however, she dislikes everything when she wants to nurse.
Any form of Sue. Kirby Sue, Sue Sue, Baby Sue, Sue Rainey, Lazy Sue, you get the gist. 
{Signature moves}
Nothing really new on this one, just her usual shenanigans. Still loves blowing air in & out of her nose like she is mad or something!
Finally has her two bottom teeth, she cut them both at the same time, I think that is what was going on with the up every 30 minutes to nurse during the night. Sitting up really well, it is very rare that she falls over anymore. She really isn't even close to crawling at all, she doesn't even attempt it. I was the same way, I didn't crawl until 9 months, but I was an early talker, so we will see! Rolls both ways now. Plays well independently. Takes a few steps while holding onto our hands, but we have to coax her, she doesn't do it on her own. We have such a lazy Sue on our hands! She loves doing the "ow ow ow!" Indian call when we pat our hands or the back of her own over her mouth. We have officially mastered the straw, she has always refused a bottle so we went straight to the sippy cup. I always get asked how I got her to drink from a straw so let me share. I started by giving her sips of water through my straws by blocking one end with my finger & dispensing it into her mouth, she loved it. Then after a while she just started sucking on it to get more. So I decided to give her one of the sippies with a straw. Sometimes she would still look at me like what the hell is this mom? So I would simply unscrew the lid & do as I usually did & let her suck from the bottom to remind her & then screw the lid back on & she would suck from it. We went from there. We never did juice or anything & I don't plan to, she genuinely loves water, I feel it is just unnecessary sugar & she gets what she needs from raw fruits anyways.
We went out & met up with a few of the girls from the old boxing gym. I always love an excuse to show off our girl.
Kirby loves going out to eat, I have said it once I could say it a million times, this girl loves to people watch. Of course we pack her food when we go, we have not started any table foods yet.
Kirby got her first piggy paint pedicure. Chubby red baby toes, yes I died of cuteness.
& I will leave you with this little gem we caught on film the other day when she got into her swing for the first time.

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