Month Six Favorites

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. 

Y-Weave Baskets- Kirby loves to pull down her toy box (the larger one) to where all of the toys fall into her lap & dig through to pick out what she wants. These are adorable & silicone so they don't hurt if when she pulls it right down onto her head. We use the smaller one to stack our favorite books in beside our reading bean bag.
Cuisinart Food Processor- You can read about how I make my organic baby food here & this is my main piece. I prefer a regular large food processor to the baby bullet because I like to make my food in bulk so that I don't have to make it as often.
Playtex Sippies- Love, love, love. Seriously we buy the cutesy & festive ones all of the time & they leak after one wash. These bad boys have never leaked on us, unless we don't screw them on properly. Added bonus, they come in a pack of two for a great price...score.
Motorola Video Monitor- This is another thing I wish I would have had since the beginning. We purchased the regular audio only baby monitor. Never again, I constantly had to get up & check on her, especially when she started flipping to her belly. So we finally ordered this one & it has been great! You can seriously see her breathing through the monitor.
Cart Cover- Once again I have become a germ freak & this thing saves me from using a million Johnson's cleansing wipes, even though half the time I still wipe it down first. Plus they make the million pictures you snap of your little babe in the cart that much cuter.
Bibs- Love these printed bibs. They save you from having 15 bibs in the laundry by the end of the week. Just wipe them down, let them dry & done. Lets face it, the adorable prints are what drew me to them in the first place.
Silicone Fresh Food Freezer Treys- These seriously make my life a million times easier when popping out my fresh food portions. The plastic ice treys are a joke, they just end up cracking when I try & jigsaw pop out the food portions. Read about how I use these in my organic baby food making adventures here.  

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  1. These are great tips. My impression has always been that centre parcs is expensive but I might consider it now I've read this! Thanks very much!


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