Month Six Favorites

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. 

Y-Weave Baskets- Kirby loves to pull down her toy box (the larger one) to where all of the toys fall into her lap & dig through to pick out what she wants. These are adorable & silicone so they don't hurt if when she pulls it right down onto her head. We use the smaller one to stack our favorite books in beside our reading bean bag.
Cuisinart Food Processor- You can read about how I make my organic baby food here & this is my main piece. I prefer a regular large food processor to the baby bullet because I like to make my food in bulk so that I don't have to make it as often.
Playtex Sippies- Love, love, love. Seriously we buy the cutesy & festive ones all of the time & they leak after one wash. These bad boys have never leaked on us, unless we don't screw them on properly. Added bonus, they come in a pack of two for a great price...score.
Motorola Video Monitor- This is another thing I wish I would have had since the beginning. We purchased the regular audio only baby monitor. Never again, I constantly had to get up & check on her, especially when she started flipping to her belly. So we finally ordered this one & it has been great! You can seriously see her breathing through the monitor.
Cart Cover- Once again I have become a germ freak & this thing saves me from using a million Johnson's cleansing wipes, even though half the time I still wipe it down first. Plus they make the million pictures you snap of your little babe in the cart that much cuter.
Bibs- Love these printed bibs. They save you from having 15 bibs in the laundry by the end of the week. Just wipe them down, let them dry & done. Lets face it, the adorable prints are what drew me to them in the first place.
Silicone Fresh Food Freezer Treys- These seriously make my life a million times easier when popping out my fresh food portions. The plastic ice treys are a joke, they just end up cracking when I try & jigsaw pop out the food portions. Read about how I use these in my organic baby food making adventures here.  

6 months

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Six months.
Clothing size 9 months! Baby got back!
{Diaper size}
Still nursing on demand, I have been so blessed to be able to stay home with this sweet baby & our nursing relationship has been amazing after climbing the initial hurdles which you can read about here. She has been doing really well with solids.

You can read more about how I make her homemade organic baby food here. These are the foods that I have made so far.

Let's just say this, when I wake up in the morning I always ask Kirby how her night was & her reply..."I nursed fine, thank you. How about yours momma?" It really fluctuates, sometimes every 3-4 hours sometimes every 2. However she is in bed by 7 every night & isn't up for the day until 7.
{Favorite words/sounds}
Still same baba & booboo & saying mama when she is upset & wants me to come get her. She isn't saying it on command quite yet.
{Favorite toy}
She still loves her jumparoo & especially the little plastic beads that you move around on the metal wires.
She loves loves loves music & always has, it seems to calm her. Bath time is still a favorite for this little fish & more bath toys are definitely on her Christmas list, check out Kirby's first Christmas gift guide here. I finally figured out that her bath tub has two ends to it & she can actually sit up on one end. A new bath seat is on our Christmas list as well.

 Loves to be sitting up, if you lay her down on your lap, she immediately tries to pull herself up into a sitting position. She could blow bubbles for hours.

She is obsessed with cups & water bottles, pretty much anything that looks like you can take a drink from it. Digging through her toy box & picking out what she wants is probably her top favorite thing right now.
{Not so much}
Diaper changes, she wants to do anything but; including grabbing anything in site except what I put in her hand as a distraction.
Kirby Sue of course, & now it has turned into Sue Sue. It cracks me up that everyone calls her by those names & it isn't even close to her actual name {Kirby Deneen Rainey}.
{Signature moves}
She does this superman move on her belly, like she thinks she is going to magically crawl somewhere, lazy Sue is what we say about that.  
Definitely going through another rough patch of teething for sure, but still no sign of a toofer quite yet! She has figured out her feet & loves them.

Starting to sit up for longer periods of time & attempting to balance herself more. We pile pillows around her & she really enjoys playing independently with her toys for longer periods of time now that she is able to sit up. Grabs EVERYTHING in sight & tries to eat it, even her books now when we are reading to her. She has finally mastered rolling from back to belly however, she has oddly not mastered the belly to back motion. We went through a phase where she would flip to her tummy in bed & cry & scream until I flipped her back & we would go through that at least 3 times a night before she finally put herself to sleep for the night. Then she finally figured out that she loved sleeping on her tummy & it has stayed that way.
Target is a given, but we usually go in the Moby Wrap & we have officially graduated to the cart, she loves it. So Target trips have become much more frequent...score. I swear this store has become a get away for us, pure entertainment.
We have really been enjoying the cold weather. Tis' the season to get cozy & festive!
We went to the Christmas Stroll with Kirby's Auntie Jaclynn (my longest friend) down at the square & picked up a few goodies, Kirby absolutely loved it.
Brian has been living in California without us for the past two months until he was able to transfer back to Texas, you can read more about our story here. He decided to come home a day early & surprise us! I was so excited to see him & for him to see his now 6 month old that this is the only picture I managed to capture.
We spent the first weekend together in 2 months & cherished every moment of our time together. We finally got a family picture.

Here is this little video I captured of fussy pants Rainey asking her mama to come & pick her up. I couldn't love her more.

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