Month Five Favorites

Monday, November 19, 2012

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. 

Hyland's Teething Tablets- They are all natural & homeopathic. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I HATE medicine & am all for anything natural. They dissolve right under the tongue, she actually enjoys them & they give her relief.
Carters Long Sleeve Onesies- Love these, now that it is getting cooler they are great as an extra layer or on their own. They are much thicker & softer than the Gerber brand. I made the mistake of purchasing the Gerber ones once, never again. Not only are the sizes completely off (they run super small) but the material is a joke.
Play Matt- She loves this thing & still does. She actually has started using it more this month than she has in the past months. She loves the frog toy & once she figured out that she could kick the piano & it would play music, she went crazy! She is not the best at independent play, but this she will play with for at least 15 minutes.
Bath- Seriously wish I had registered for this one from the start. We bought the big plastic one, which is great to set on the counter & bathe when they are new new. However, it just seems so uncomfortable, it has a huge plastic hump in the middle & I just can't seem to get her in the right spot. This mesh one is super comfy & I think would work for a newborn too. We just set it in the bathtub & fill the water right around it. I can tell she enjoys this one a lot more.
The Lamaze Firefly- Seriously so much going on in one little toy, it's actually bigger than it looks too! Hands down her new favorite car seat friend. She loves to chew on the little rings at the bottom & all of the different parts & bright colors keep this wild baby entertained during a car ride.
Silicone Fresh Food Storage cups- These are awesome, we have just started experimenting with a few fresh foods. I haven't started making them in bulk quite yet, so these are perfect for experimenting with new foods & either freezing them or keeping them refrigerated. See how I make my organic baby food here.

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