5 months

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Five months.
Won't know all stats until our 6 month appointment, but she is 18lbs 14 ounces.
{Diaper size}
So I decided to start making her solids at 5.5 months. More details on how I make my own organic baby food here. We first tried pears & she wasn't having it (I partially think it was because it is the only other thing she has tasted besides breast milk). We went to bananas next & they were a definite hit! (her first banana poop scared the shit out of me, the fibres in the bananas look like tiny worms)! Then we tried apples on their own & she was not a fan, but then mixed it with oatmeal & breast milk & we had another winner. The final thing we tried this month was sweet potatoes & she wasn't a fan, I am hoping that she is just getting used to textures & a picky eater is not the case. 

Ever since we have come back form California, read more details on that story in my about me section here, she has been up every 3-4 hours again, sometimes every 2. She sleeps in her crib (which she has since three months, before then we co slept to make breastfeeding easier) on her back with her hands behind her neck just like her daddy.

And sometimes likes to take a nap with her Uncle Luke. And this happened to be in the outfit that he bought her. Swoon.

{Favorite words/sounds}
She says mummm mumm when she is tired or fussing, so I think she will be saying mama soon. She puts syllables together like baba & boo boo so far, she is such a jabber jaws.
{Favorite toy}
She loves this butterfly it has so many neat attachments & colors, she loves to chew on the rings that are attached to the bottom.
Cups & my iPhone. If there is a cup anywhere in sight she wants to drink from it, she loves to take sips of my water, she knows exactly what to do & goes straight for a drink. She doesn't watch TV, but sometimes we play short clips of Yo Gabba Gabba on YouTube & she loves it!

Loves being a nakey baby & splashing & kicking & reading during bath time.

She loves to squeeze you tight & give you a hug when you pick her up, she hugs everyone! Frozen baby washrags to chew on & soothe her gums are a top favorite right now.
{Not so much}
Not a fan of this teething business, but over all a happy baby & is getting better with car rides. My best girl friend & I joke because Kirby is so chill & relaxed & we call her son a drama king. I am sure our next kid will be bat shit crazy!
Kirby Sue is here to stay & we sometimes shorten it to Sue Sue, Baby Sue or Sue Baby.
{Signature moves}
She holds her hands up & squeezes them together over & over if she wants something or likes what you are doing, it is hilarious & something that my mom said I used to do when I was a baby, they used to say I was riding my motorcycle. She also has figured out this new thing where she sucks air in & out of her nose like she is made & it looks a little something like this.
She has rolled a couple of times, but has yet to master that skill. Has started to pull up to standing really well using our hands. Can sit for about 30-45 seconds on her own.

Pretty sure she has started the teething process, she has been unusually fussy & is constantly trying to bite everything including my shoulder!
Being outside is one of her most favorite adventures, she loves to look all around & discover her surroundings.

Going places (especially the grocery store) to people watch in her Moby Wrap is always the ticket to a happy baby.

I think her most favorite adventures consist of going to visit her boyfriend Caden or visa versa.

But it's a toss up between sitting out on the porch in the mornings & drinking coffee. This little wild woman cracks me up!

We caught her first belly laugh on video this month when Uncle Luke was pulling the tape measure out & letting it slide back into the holder really fast

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