Month Four Favorites

Friday, October 19, 2012

Goodnight Moon- This one is a classic. It's short & sweet & a perfect story to finish off the night with your sweet babe, after a million kisses & I loves yous of course. Kirby loves listening to us read to her at night, she genuinely enjoys eating reading books.
Bumbo- I don't want to hear about the recalls. We are right next to her the entire time. She loves to sit outside on nice mornings with me in her bumbo while I drink my coffee. It's perfect for her right now while she can't sit on her own, but loves to be sitting up. She loves it. We love it. I would consider it a win.
   Jumparoo- Now I would consider this a favorite to the both of us. It cracked me up when I put her in it the first time & the natural bounciness would startle her. Only took a minute & she was in love. It is great to drag over to the bathroom while I am getting ready or just trying to get something done in general. I use our colorful links & add all kinds of extra toys to the sides, pure entertainment.
White Noise Machine- I wish I would have purchased this one sooner. We were using her portable white noise giraffe, & transferring it from the car seat to her room on the reg. I love that it lasts all night so I don't have to go in & turn it back on. It has all kinds of weird sounds like a horn...what? We use the rain sound option. It drowns out any extra noise & I swear it helps her sleep longer spans.
    Fresh Food Teether- These things are awesome. Seriously why didn't I invent this? She is obviously too young for fresh foods, buuuttt I made breast milk popsicles! I froze breast milk in ice treys & popped that sucker in there & BOOM takes care of a fussy baby every time.
Johnson's Hand & Face Wipes- Feel free to register for a million. These are great I wipe down everything with these. The baby, her toys she drops, cart name it I wipe it down. I have seriously become a germ freak since having her & these kill all the germs without the harsh chemicals. I always keep them on hand.
Giraffe Lovey- Gets thrown in the carseat with her everytime. It rattles & it's soft. She loves to chew on his ears. He just became one of our favorites, I would for sure reccomend a lovey of some kind to your little babe.     

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