Fall Photo Sesh

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One of my best girlfriends & I decided that we wanted to do some fall pictures at the pumpkin patch with our little babes & I'm so glad we did. I seriously can't even handle the cuteness. We have already arranged marriage for Caden & Kirby. Hopefully chubby read heads are his thing.
This girl is such a ham she really enjoyed being out doors & sitting in all the pumpkins.
Of course as soon as we sat her up against the pumpkins we couldn't get her to look anywhere besides her tutu.
Then we decided we should put Caden in her lap. She immediately went for his face & eyes. Check out that little smirk on her face.
So we decided that maybe laying his head in her lap would be a better picture, but Drama King Caden was not having any part of it & Kirby was just like what the hell is this mom? This picture seriously cracks me up every time. I can't wait to show them these when they are older!
So finally after Caden calmed down a bit we laid them beside each other & got this sweet little picture of the two of them.
Then of course I couldn't go without a picture of me & my girl. She was completely over all the pictures by the end & I was so disappointed that I didn't think of facing the other direction so the pumpkin patch was in the background instead of the street!

 Words can't describe how much I love her & enjoy doing these things with her. I can't even wrap my heart around the excitement to come when she can run through this pumpkin patch & help me choose the perfect pumpkin for us to take home & carve/decorate.

Happy Fall!

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