Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I know that Kirby will not remember any of her first Holidays, do I care? Nope. It doesn't stop me from making every holiday & the days leading up to it just as magical as the next. Call it practicing for when she does remember if you will.

We kicked of Halloween week with some delicious Halloween themed cupcakes. The bat cupcakes are made from chocolate fudge striped cookies, Red Hots & Hershey Kisses. The pumpkin cupcakes are carrot cake flavored with pumpkins painted in colored icing.

I decided to paint pumpkins this year, something that I have never done before. We have always been pumpkin carvers, which I fully plan on doing next year when Kirby can actually participate. However, I do think we will incorporate painted pumpkins as well from now on, they were so fun & turned out better than I expected.

Of course we dressed in a few festive outfits throughout the week.
Kirby had two costumes this year. This witch costume just sort of fell in our laps, I made the tutu for her pumpkin patch photo shoot & I happened to pick up the hat (cut it off of the hard headband & hot glued it to elastic) & socks at Old Navy & Target separately. So I decided to throw some purple in the tutu & do a solo costume shoot on Halloween Eve.

Seriously, I love her.

Per usual I had to sneak in a quick picture with my girl. Those baby blues, swoon.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Wilma Flinstone. [insert heart explosion here] I love them both more than words can describe & I can't wait to show these pictures to them when they are older. My best girlfriend (Rebecca) & I hand made the costumes together & they turned out too perfect for words.

Finally after our photo sesh it was time to pass out candy & pour a cold one.
Kirby got to do a little trick-or-treating herself.
She would have gladly eaten a million pieces if I would have let her, but she settled for the package instead.

 Happy Halloween! I couldn't ask for a better first Halloween with my girl & my heart is overwhelmed with excitement already just thinking about celebrating it next year with a toddler!

Festive Photo Sesh

Monday, October 29, 2012

Okay seriously, these pictures deserve a post of their own. What is more festive than a chubby baby pumpkin booty. Words can not describe how much I am in love with the way these photos turned out, even though she will probably hate me for them later. Sorry baby girl, but it was so worth it. I will help you do ridiculous photo shoots with your babies one day. You can count on that.

Baby got back.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. 

Month Four Favorites

Friday, October 19, 2012

Goodnight Moon- This one is a classic. It's short & sweet & a perfect story to finish off the night with your sweet babe, after a million kisses & I loves yous of course. Kirby loves listening to us read to her at night, she genuinely enjoys eating reading books.
Bumbo- I don't want to hear about the recalls. We are right next to her the entire time. She loves to sit outside on nice mornings with me in her bumbo while I drink my coffee. It's perfect for her right now while she can't sit on her own, but loves to be sitting up. She loves it. We love it. I would consider it a win.
   Jumparoo- Now I would consider this a favorite to the both of us. It cracked me up when I put her in it the first time & the natural bounciness would startle her. Only took a minute & she was in love. It is great to drag over to the bathroom while I am getting ready or just trying to get something done in general. I use our colorful links & add all kinds of extra toys to the sides, pure entertainment.
White Noise Machine- I wish I would have purchased this one sooner. We were using her portable white noise giraffe, & transferring it from the car seat to her room on the reg. I love that it lasts all night so I don't have to go in & turn it back on. It has all kinds of weird sounds like a horn...what? We use the rain sound option. It drowns out any extra noise & I swear it helps her sleep longer spans.
    Fresh Food Teether- These things are awesome. Seriously why didn't I invent this? She is obviously too young for fresh foods, buuuttt I made breast milk popsicles! I froze breast milk in ice treys & popped that sucker in there & BOOM takes care of a fussy baby every time.
Johnson's Hand & Face Wipes- Feel free to register for a million. These are great I wipe down everything with these. The baby, her toys she drops, cart handles...you name it I wipe it down. I have seriously become a germ freak since having her & these kill all the germs without the harsh chemicals. I always keep them on hand.
Giraffe Lovey- Gets thrown in the carseat with her everytime. It rattles & it's soft. She loves to chew on his ears. He just became one of our favorites, I would for sure reccomend a lovey of some kind to your little babe.     

4 months

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Four months.
{Diaper size}
25 inches long, 16.5lbs, 77% height & 94% weight
Is now sleeping 8 hour time spans, meaning momma gets a to have a cold one in the evening again...BOOM. Still nursing to sleep, but if she stirs awake I can usually go in & turn her white noise giraffe & waterfall lights back on & she soothes herself back to sleep.
Still exclusively breast feeding, between our own discussions & with the pediatrician we have decided that we won't start solids until 6 months, when I will be making my own organic baby food, you can read about it here.

{Favorite words/sounds}
Still cooing away, almost belly laughing, not putting syllables together yet.
{Favorite toy}
Giraffe lovey
To be held in the sitting up position. Holding blankets & pulling them towards her mouth, her little pink giraffe lovey blanket is her favorite.   

{Not so much}
Still hating car rides, what an odd child, most kids find it very soothing, this is where the Grumpus Rainey nickname comes from.

Kirby Sue it is, Sue is in absolutely zero part of her name, but we started calling her that & it seriously STUCK.
{Signature moves}
If someone holds her in the cradle position, she is going after their boobies ASAP (not a huge snuggler unless sleeping or nursing). She has started doing this thing where she deliberately looks away from us when we are trying to catch her attention no matter which way we turn her. I asked our pedi about it, because I am crazy & I thought it could possibly be a vision issue since she only does it when we hold her up close, but when we lay her down she looks right at us. Our pediatrician laughed (watching Kirby do it to her & said it was definitely a phase).
Has finally got her fingers figured out & loves them. Seems like a belly laugh will be coming soon, however for now it is a sucking in hiccup noise when she gets really excited about something. Starting to grab at toys that hang from the activity gym. Loves blowing bubbles/raspberries. Sitting up well in her bumbo.
Kirby had her shots this month, she really doesn't cry too much just a little fussy & then she's over it. After learning our lesson the first time (woke up from a nap with a fever & screaming, scared the shit out of me), we now be sure to complete a good 2 rounds of Tylenol, so her fever doesn't spike & make her miserable. Got her first case of pink eye this month right before my mom's wedding, but she did great with the eye drops & it cleared right up. We tried a bottle of breast milk for the first time this month, pretty positive we waited too long...she had no idea what the hell it was or what to do with it. We were all surprised including the pediatrician since she isn't around kids & doesn't go to any type of daycare. My mom got married this month & we all stayed in cabins for the weekend, it was a lot of fun to show her off to all of my family.

Made out first pair of baby legs...obsessed. I'll be sure & post a tutorial when I get a chance. 

Rooted for Texas & Kirby won all of the money in football squares, like a boss.

Went on her first car date with her boyfriend Caden.

Had her first marg with her Granny.

Tasted a breast milk popsicle & man did she love it! (just froze breast milk in ice treys & stuck it in one of those mesh teethers). 

We both discovered our love of the jumparoo, I love dragging it into the bedroom while I get ready, it's a real time saver.

& we finished our evenings off kicking back with a couple of books.

Fall Photo Sesh

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One of my best girlfriends & I decided that we wanted to do some fall pictures at the pumpkin patch with our little babes & I'm so glad we did. I seriously can't even handle the cuteness. We have already arranged marriage for Caden & Kirby. Hopefully chubby read heads are his thing.
This girl is such a ham she really enjoyed being out doors & sitting in all the pumpkins.
Of course as soon as we sat her up against the pumpkins we couldn't get her to look anywhere besides her tutu.
Then we decided we should put Caden in her lap. She immediately went for his face & eyes. Check out that little smirk on her face.
So we decided that maybe laying his head in her lap would be a better picture, but Drama King Caden was not having any part of it & Kirby was just like what the hell is this mom? This picture seriously cracks me up every time. I can't wait to show them these when they are older!
So finally after Caden calmed down a bit we laid them beside each other & got this sweet little picture of the two of them.
Then of course I couldn't go without a picture of me & my girl. She was completely over all the pictures by the end & I was so disappointed that I didn't think of facing the other direction so the pumpkin patch was in the background instead of the street!

 Words can't describe how much I love her & enjoy doing these things with her. I can't even wrap my heart around the excitement to come when she can run through this pumpkin patch & help me choose the perfect pumpkin for us to take home & carve/decorate.

Happy Fall!

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