Month Three Favorites

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shea Moisture Organic Olive & Marula Baby Lotion- Seriously, just smell this & tell me you don't want some for yourself. I love it & the smell lasts until her next bath & she has never had dry skin, I'll chalk this one up as a win.
Colorful Ring Links- Seriously don't be afraid to purchase more than one package, these things disappear like bobby pins & hair ties. They are perfect to link toys to her car seat so they are actually within reach & don't fall on to the floor every 5 seconds.
Snugga Bunny Swing- This is my savior during the days, we just stopped co-sleeping & she will only sleep in her crib during the night, but put her in the swing & she naps like a champ.  
Shea Moisture Organic Olive & Marula Baby Wash- Okay again, smells like heaven & it helps her relax in the evenings too. Giving her a bath every night at the same time was the first step into creating a schedule for us. She doesn't sleep through the night, but it does let her know it is night time & she will sleep in her crib from seven to seven, only waking to nurse.
Moby Wrap- Baby wearing is what allows me to get my household chores done. She doesn't really like the cradle hold because it makes her want to nurse. I tried to situate her in it to where she can nurse & that shit doesn't work, or maybe I am just not doing it right? But I ended up with baby limbs sticking out at all ends & her face smashed into my breast, you can only imagine how much she loved that. So we stick with the simple upright hold as shown in the picture above.
Halo Sleep Sack- Love, love these! Kirby manages to destroy my perfect Kirby burrito within minutes of swaddling her, every time, so these make for a safe alternative to a loose swaddle or loose blankets in general. Make sure to buy more than one because, half the time I am scrambling to get it out of the washer from earlier in the day & dry by the time bath time is over.
Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System- This has to be my favorite, mainly because I was itching to go for a run as soon I was given the okay at 6 weeks. Due to babies neck strength it isn't recommended to take them in a jogging stroller until 6 months. BUT this jogging stroller has an infant seat adapter so we were able to start running together at 6 weeks!

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