Kirby's first flight

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Let's just clarify that I went into this with a full ONE HOUR of sleep. I am the biggest procrastinator of all time & of course I wait until the day before 10PM the night before I had to embark on my first flight alone & with a newborn. So packing every single thing I would need for me & Kirby to move to CA in one large & one small suitcase was a shit show to say the least, I mean I seriously had the scale out & everything picking through all of my belongings. Let's just say I have become a minimalist.

I woke her up at 4AM that morning to get ready to essentially meet her daddy for the first time. Talk about emotions. We went with the Moby Wrap as our chosen method of baby transportation, as the airlines wouldn't let me push my full sized jogging stroller to the gate.

When we got there, you better believe I was shaking with nerves. I pulled her out of the car seat & situated her in the wrap & praise the lord SHE SLEPT. There entire time through security & everything! I was so afraid that she was going to want to nurse, but she didn't even budge.

When we finally got through security & on to the plane I situated myself & pulled out my nursing cover. The first thing I did was let the person next to me know that I would be nursing, but I would be using a cover for their comfort. It made me feel less stressed about it. For good reason, because one lady actually picked up & moved seats when I told her. I am glad that I told her instead of us both feeling uncomfortable the entire time. So a tip for nursing mommas, as bad as you want to say suck it, it's much more stress free if you are just up front & don't have to worry about it.

I quickly learned to change diapers on my lap versus getting up to go to the tiny airplane restroom every time. Since I didn't have anyone with me, my space was so limited, so to not have to get up & get re-situated was definitely a stress saver.

Then it came time to transfer planes & i'll be damned my gate was a million miles away, as in take a tram all the way across the fucking airport & walk another 5 miles to your gate with a screaming newborn & your heaving ass carry on & diaper bag. It was just bad timing, the plane let of while she was in the middle of nursing & we had to go, I was even the last one off the plane. She was more than pissed at my for putting her so close to her boobies in the Moby Wrap & not letting her nurse.

The second flight was a little rougher because it was longer & we were next to a guy this time, but he was totally cool with everything, just a tad more awkward for me. Partly because when she was nursing on my right side, she kicked him like 3 times! Oh well, we made it through.

All in all it wasn't too bad & seeing the look on Brian's face when he finally got to see his daughter for the first time since birth (4 months) made it more than worth it. Of course I didn't capture a picture, but I am sure you can only imagine the beauty of a father & his daughter reuniting.

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