We are engaged

Saturday, August 25, 2012

You can read the story of how Brian & I met here. I am not one for surprises at all. I will spoil them all, anyone that knows me personally would agree. So would it surprise you at all if I told you that I spoiled my own proposal?
We were in California, in our house bedroom. You can read more details about that in my about me section here if you haven't already. I was picking up a little & I went to roll up his fitness backpack & put it away & I felt a box. He was sitting right across from me & I honestly thought it was his watch that he had been missing. Then he said what are you doing? Put that away. Well my wheels started turning & I knew had to find out what it was. So I asked him if it was what I thought it was & he replied with "I don't know open it". That's when my heart started racing & I was sure that it was what I was thinking. I said no, that I wasn't going to open it. So he told me to put it back up. Did he really think I would do that? So he ended up telling me to close my eyes & he got down on one knee & asked me right then. I said yes. So of course I had to slip that bad boy on the most precious little girl ever & share the news with friends & family.
Then the three of us went out for a celebratory dinner & basked in our newly engaged bliss.

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