Love at First Punch

Monday, October 10, 2011

My roommates & I decided to try out this women's fitness class called Pink Gloves Boxing. The first evening that we show up I am of course in baggy sweats & an over-sized T-shirt, since it is all women right? Wrong, I walk in & the head trainer/owner happens to be male & easy on the eyes to boot. I don't remember an instant connection other than the physical attraction of course & I am not the best with hand eye coordination, so I know it wasn't my excellent boxing skills that had him impressed. The more classes I attended the more I really began to fall in love with the sport of boxing & this class especially. I had always been an active person, played soccer & ran track, however Brian really sparked a passion for fitness and nutrition in me that I had never experienced before.
 So the classes I attended got more frequent and the workout clothes got tighter, needless to say a connection began to form between the two of us. Mind you, when I say the classes I attended got a little more frequent I mean I began to attend EVERY class that he held (three times a day). I guess I really just loved the class that much ;) I began to escalate through the levels of the class and became a trainer along side him. The turning point in our relationship involved a pool side BBQ & a beer shot gunning contest. Quite a turning point eh? To spare you the details lets just say a little liquid courage later and we decided on a date in the near future.
 Brian & I began to spend every day together & with me being a student I had the flexibility to take a large part in the business with him. A few months later we decided to get a place together near the boxing studio, yes you read right a few months later. Hey when you know, you know I guess.

 Our love for each other grew as I experienced a love that I had never known before. We have so much in common & our passion for fitness really sparked our relationship. I loved every bit of it, from our intense workouts together to the days where we just hiked to a spot to have our favorite lunch of Sushi & wine. Brian is one of the most intelligent & driven people that I know. He pushes me to be better everyday & the most important thing is that our love for each other continues to grow & we spend the rest of our lives making every day the happiest & most memorable as the one before it. 

With that much love we couldn't help but create a little baby Rainey ASAP right? I know, I know we did everything backwards, blah, blah, blah. I wouldn't change it for the world every day that I wake up to Brian & our beautiful baby girl I know that whether our family began backwards, forwards, sideways or upside-down it was the right way for us & we cherish every minute of it.

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