We are engaged

Saturday, August 25, 2012

You can read the story of how Brian & I met here. I am not one for surprises at all. I will spoil them all, anyone that knows me personally would agree. So would it surprise you at all if I told you that I spoiled my own proposal?
We were in California, in our house bedroom. You can read more details about that in my about me section here if you haven't already. I was picking up a little & I went to roll up his fitness backpack & put it away & I felt a box. He was sitting right across from me & I honestly thought it was his watch that he had been missing. Then he said what are you doing? Put that away. Well my wheels started turning & I knew had to find out what it was. So I asked him if it was what I thought it was & he replied with "I don't know open it". That's when my heart started racing & I was sure that it was what I was thinking. I said no, that I wasn't going to open it. So he told me to put it back up. Did he really think I would do that? So he ended up telling me to close my eyes & he got down on one knee & asked me right then. I said yes. So of course I had to slip that bad boy on the most precious little girl ever & share the news with friends & family.
Then the three of us went out for a celebratory dinner & basked in our newly engaged bliss.

Kirby's First Trip to the Beach

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Was nothing less than a shit show. We had this fabulous plan & we went & bought a tent & everything...fail. First off I brought my diaper bag in the stroller that we tried to push through the sand & what did I end up with? A diaper bag full of sand. And looking like a certified ass hole trying to push a stroller through the sand. Then we finally set up this huge ass camping tent, on the beach...yeah we looked like idots. Then the wind was so strong that we practically had to close the tent & that shit was hot & sunny beacause in order to get breeze you had to unzip the windows, so we were in a sauna to say the least. It felt amazing outside of the tent, an umbrella would have been a smarter choice...duh! Of course, she is attached to my boob practically the whole time while Brian lays out & enjoys himself...shoot me. So this is the only photo we ended up with of our hot baby in her breezless tent.

Last ditch effort to take a picture by the water & that was an epic fail to say the least. Brian squatted down to pose for a picture & a wave snuck up behind him before I could say wave & splashed up on poor Kirby & scared the shit out of her. Needless to say we didn't capture any great pictures & the moral of this story don't take a two month old to the beach unless you have a strong drink in one hand &are sitting under a big ass umbrella that won't blow away with a lounge chair and a baby seat. Now we know.

Next time we will just stick to the board walk, its a much nicer view.

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