Kirby's Birth Story

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Read about my Cholestasis diagnosis & why I had to be induced at 36 weeks here. I picked up Brian from the airport on Thursday morning. We had lunch & headed to my mom's to pick up our things. From there we left for the hospital, we had check in at 6pm that evening. This was our last picture of just the two of us, before we headed to the hospital.

When we got there to check in they did all the regular paperwork & started an IV of fluids & it took 4 times to find a vein that would take. I had bruises for days. The way they do an induction at my hospital is that you come in the night before you are supposed to be induced & they give you a pill called Cytotec that they insert vaginally in fourths. They give you an Ambien at about 9PM to ensure that you will get a good nights rest. That was a mistake. After half the Cytotec at 12AM I was having full blown contractions 1 minute apart. They conveniently started right as Brian walked downstairs to get a water & my nurse went to lunch. So not only was I delirious from the Ambien, but I didn't know where anyone was. So the sub nurse came in & offered me a pain medicine through the IV, it allowed me to sleep for about 15 minutes & as soon as I woke up I was in unbearable pain.

I decided enough of that shit, I wasn't able to stay on top of my contractions because they didn't slowly progress it was just all of a sudden one after another with no break. Typically your contractions aren't one minute apart until you are in the pushing phase. They checked me & I was 4cm already so they gave me an epidural at 6AM. I seriously did not feel a single thing & it was INSTANT relief. Brian said I was like a completely different person immediately. So we called my mom right after and told her that they already gave me the epidural & she started getting ready to head up to the hospital right then.

The plan was to soften my cervix over night & get Pitocin that morning, however I didn't need any Pitocin I was progressing on my own. My contractions would not slow down at all, even though I couldn't feel them, they were starting to become too much for Kirby. They had me on an oxygen mask & switching side to side to relieve her. Finally they had to give me a medicine through my IV to slow down my contractions which finally gave her some relief.

I looked at my mom & I told her that I felt like I had to poop. She suggested that they check me since that usually means you are fully dilated. My nurse checked me & said that I was complete & paged Dr. Anderson. At that moment I got extremely nervous & couldn't stop shaking. My nurse said that it was normal, that I was in the transition phase of labor. It felt like Dr. Anderson was taking forever (which she totally wasn't) but the intense pressure in my bottom was growing & I really wanted to push.

Once she got there & they started setting up the birthing table, it really set in that I was about to have this little baby in my arms, finally. I started pushing during each contraction that I would have & pushed as long as I felt that I needed. They didn't coach or push me unless I asked. Dr. Anderson said that she was going to step out & let the nurse & I work on getting the baby out & once I got closer she would come in to deliver her. So I pushed for 30 minutes total, once I was close Dr. Anderson came back in & delivered her. 

She didn't cry right away, so the first thing I said was is she okay? Dr. Anderson replied with yes, she is perfect. Then I finally heard that sweet little cry & I melted. She placed her on my chest & I seriously can remember the exact feel of her warm heavy body laying in my arms as they wiped her up (weird, maybe? but I couldn't even begin describe how vivid that memory is).

I was completely overwhelmed with emotions, it was the best feeling I have ever experienced. Then they took her over to the little table that was set up in the room to clean her up & weigh her, while Dr. Anderson stitched me up, I had a very small tear.

Surprisingly I didn't cry until I talked to my dad on the phone. Everyone was so surprised that she came so early that no one was at the hospital yet. Then they placed her back into my arms & I knew she was mine forever.

 Brian & I took turns holding her & smiling at her.

Then they transferred me over to postpartum & took Kirby over to the nursery to give her a bath & check her over. That is the only thing I disliked about my hospital's policies, I wish I could have been there for her first bath, but Brian was right by her side the entire time.

It felt like forever until they brought her back to me. We spent the next two days getting used to our lives as parents & the breastfeeding battle journey began.
Read the full story on my journey of breastfeeding an early bird here. She was born at 36 weeks & considered premature, but came out in perfect health, so no NICU for this girl, such a relief. I struggled so much with breastfeeding Kirby in the beginning that I didn't focus on bonding with her as much as I could have. I would seriously find myself getting nervous when it was time for the next feeding. They had us doing tons of skin to skin to promote more breastfeeding, but this girl would have rather slept to make up for the four weeks that she was still supposed to be in the womb.
 I was even nervous & sad to leave the hospital. I think it was a mixture of emotions in the fact that Brian would be leaving for California Sunday afternoon as soon as we got home & I would have to do it all alone. I feared if I would be able to conquer breastfeeding without all of the assistance.         
Since Kirby was born premature, they had to do a car seat test on her before she was able to come home. She didn't pass the first one, the car seat was too big, so we had to buy a preemie car seat before we could take her home. She passed that one with flying colors & slept through it like a boss.

Then it was finally time to take this sweet girl home.

Bringing her home, eased every worry that I had. This day will be the best day of my life for as long as I live. It will hold a special place in my heart forever. I am looking forward to our journey as a family together & am excited to see what the future holds for us.

We couldn't love her more if we tried.

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