Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I woke up in the middle of the night & I could not stop itching. I was itching so bad that it alarmed me, I knew something wasn't right. I had a lace night gown on, so I changed into a cotton T-shirt incase the lace was bothering me, no relief. I pulled up my laptop & googled severe itching during pregnancy. Pups was the first to come up, which is an itchy rash during pregnancy, but I didn't have a rash. Then I saw cholestasis. It is a very rare pregnancy induced condition that causes elevated liver enzymes levels, & in return releases bile into the blood stream & can lead to in utero death. Yes, I nearly lost my shit. Then I told myself, there is no way, it's super rare. So I drank a cold glass of water & made myself fall back asleep.

The next morning I was still itching, but it was a Saturday, so I couldn't go in & see my doctor. I decided to call the nurse on call in labor & delivery. She advised that I take a Benadryl & an Aveeno oatmeal bath & to call back if it didn't help. I did both & the Benadryl knocked me out for a bit, but when I woke up scratching myself in my sleep I knew there was something going on. I called the nurse back & she said if I felt like I needed to that I should come in & meet with the doctor on call.

I think it was my motherly instincts kicking in because I knew that I needed to go in. The first thing that they did was blood work & hooked me up to the monitors. My blood results came back with slightly elevated liver enzymes. The next step was a scan to see how the baby was handling the environment in the womb. She scored 8/8 so the doctor on call told me that I would be fine to go home & that my doctor would need to run one more additional test on Monday. I had a straight up panic attack when he mentioned the word cholestasis.

I went home & you better believe I was feeling for movement every other second of the day, tell a pregnant women that she might have a condition that could be fatal to her unborn babe & you better believe I lost my shit. Needless to say the weekend was miserable & Monday couldn't get here fast enough.

I went in Monday they ran tests & immediately got results of cholestasis. FRICK! The first thing they did was prescribe me a medication that I needed to take 3 times a day to help remove some of the liver bile from my blood stream. Although my levels were slightly elevated it was enough to call Dr. Anderson into action which I was very appreciative of. 37 weeks was the latest that they would let me keep her in. Instant tears when I knew that going into natural labor was no longer an option, but bitter sweet because now that we could schedule an induction Brian could be here for the labor. He was in CA for the last months of my pregnancy & the first 3 months of Kirby's life.

We ended up with a scheduled induction at 36 weeks, which classified her as premature, but Doctor Anderson felt that she would be fully developed. May 18th was the decided day. You can read Kirby's Birth Story here.

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