baby shower

Monday, April 16, 2012

First off I want to thank all of my friends & family who were able to attend & give us all of the wonderful gifts. It was more than I could ask for & I can't thank you enough. A special thanks to my longest friend Jaclynn who planned the entire thing & made it one of the most special & memorable moments of my entire pregnancy.

My other longest friend (we actually all three grew up together in the same neighborhood since I was five) the owner & designer of  The Stationery Bakery made our invitations. They turned out absolutely gorgeous.
Sarah & I
The sign in table, where everyone had to sign a piece of paper, because the one task I had was to bring my baby book. Guess what I didn't bring? Blame it on the alcohol pregnancy brain.
Seriously the cuteness of this punch may have sent the entire party over the edge.
I'm sad to say that besides the punch & the sign in table, the cake was the only other decoration I was able to capture. But seriously, the shower was gorgeous & so much thought & planning went it to it. I feel like a certified ass hole that I didn't capture it in pictures. 
Seriously we are so thankful for all of the gifts that we received, I feel so much more prepared now that we have a majority of the things we need under our belts.
But it wouldn't have been anything without my friends & family. I love you all.
Kirby's Great Great Great Aunt Lil, Kirby's Great Granny, her Granny & me.
My mom & I
Kirby's "Grammy" & Auntie El & I
Three Four generations.
My high school best friend, Brooke & I
My very first roommate Kelly & I
These two girls are like sisters to me, they are my longest & my best friends. I am so lucky to have these two in Kirby & I's life.

My Pink Gloves Boxing ladies. They have been there for Brian & I since the beginning. We love & appreciate y'all more than you know.

I can't thank you all enough, this is a day I will always remember. I can't wait for Kirby to look back on all of this one day & see how many people supported & loved her before she was even here. I have always said if there is one thing Kirby doesn't lack it's love.

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