Is Baby Rainey a Boy or a Girl?

Monday, January 30, 2012

It's a GIRL!! I am just completely over the moon. I know everyone says they just want a healthy baby & don't care for the gender. However, yes I would have been very happy with a boy as well, I just couldn't imagine myself with anything but a daughter. Brian called it from the beginning & I wanted a girl so I felt like it was a girl, but didn't want to get my hopes up even though EVERYONE knew my hopes soared the moment we found out we were pregnant.

Top left is leg & foot. Top right is hand & arm (looks like we have a thumb sucker on our hands). Bottom left are her lady parts (if you can see where the tiny arrow is pointing). And bottom right is her beautiful profile (looks like she may have an over bite like her momma, good thing mine straightened out on its own with no braces, hopefully hers will do the same)

We have decided on a name after much deliberation & yes one major small dispute. Brian & I were watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (before we were even pregnant) & the necklace that Kate Hudson wears at the dinner party scene is the Izadora Diamond & Brian decided that Izadori would be the name of our daughter & not really thinking twice I agreed. Then when it came down to it, he was disapointed that I changed my mind. I just couldn't picture myself calling this growing babe Izadori, it just didn't fit. So we have decided on Kirby Deneen Rainey. We kept it all in the family. Kirby is Brian's mom's maiden name. Deneen is mine & my mom's middle names & Rainey of course turned out to sound absolutely perfect with Kirby. I am in love.

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