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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I was working out heavily at the time & have never had an issue with weight gain...until now. So it was odd to me that I had started to remain permanently bloated, especially since the last place I ever gain weight is in my stomach...I am more of a pear shape. Brian had mentioned how he thought that I might be pregnant & I was in denial. My only other symptoms that made me really start to wonder was severe breast tenderness (I'm a stomach sleeper & I could no longer sleep on my stomach).  I was also waking up quite often during the night, which is very unusual for me. Those who know me, know that I am a very heavy sleeper.

My mom had asked if Brian & I could check in on her dogs while she was out of town that weekend, so on the way over we decided we would go ahead & purchase a test. For some reason I really didn't think that second line was going to show up. You always hear that it may be faint & take a minute to show...oooh no not for me as soon as it was saturated that second pink line showed up bright & clear! I remember I walked out & Brian was sitting on the couch, he could tell by the look on my face what the results were before I even told him. I was shaky & teary eyed as he hugged me, "congratulations momma!" he said.

We went for a very long walk around my mom's neighborhood as we decided how/when we were going to share the news. Obviously this was a surprise, we had not planned to have a baby at this moment; however we were both very happy & excited to start a new chapter in our lives as a family. 

The following day I called & scheduled our initial consultation and confirmation. Estimated arrival June 2012!

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